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BOMBSHELL: Former Clinton White House Intern Just Exposed Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton

Natalie Plain, a former White House intern who was a “cubicle buddy” with Monica Lewinsky, has just exposed Hillary Clinton in a big way!

She’s speaking out in a new report, stating that Bill Clinton was quite pleasant and gregarious when she would see him in the White House… but Hillary Clinton’s personality was quite the opposite.

Plain reports that Hillary is “not a people person” and she was petty about her husband’s political talents. She didn’t have the same common touch Bill Clinton had, “Even when her husband was in office, she seemed to envy his popularity and power.”

Hillary was asked repeatedly to town down her high-pitched, shrill laughter while keeping her voice at a lower register.

Plain had no idea Monica Lewinsky was having sex with President Clinton, but she wondered if she could have “intragrated” herself with Bill if she knew he was open to it. The scandal that started the impeachment trials could have been with her.

This first-hand account of Hillary Clinton’s unpleasant personality should remind us just why she has such a difficult time speaking to audiences on the campaign trail. There have been multiple reports of her swearing at Secret Service agents and acting with the type of supreme arrogance one would expect from someone who believes the White House is “owed” to her.

Hillary Clinton has broken countless Federal laws during her decades in politics. Her full-time job on her husband’s campaign was to destroy any woman who Bill Clinton abused or assaulted, which gives you a sense of what a horrible person she is.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

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