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Bombshell! ANOTHER Major GOP Presidential Candidate To Quit The Race?!?!

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is a favorite among many establishment Republicans. His moderate, Democrat-sounding tone reminds them of former candidate John Huntsman. Kasich has embraced Obamacare in the Buckeye State and tries to present himself as the most reasonable candidate.

But there’s a big problem for the Republican Party bosses: not only are Kasich’s poll numbers bad, every vote for Kasich takes away votes from the favored “establishment” Republican Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). In this sense, every vote for Rubio helps conservative businessman Donald J. Trump win… something that was unthinkable just a few months ago.

Now, through Politico, Republican leaders are sending a bold message to Kasich that he will definitely listen to: GET OUT OF THE RACE!

The Republican establishment has a message for John Kasich: get out, and get out of Marco Rubio’s way.

A string of elected officials, GOP insiders and prominent donors officially threw their support behind Rubio on Monday, calling him their last chance to take down Donald Trump. Their statements had another common theme. Some explicitly called for Kasich to quit, while others sent the same message by saying the Ohio governor’s ongoing presence is holding Rubio back.

“If at some point John were to decide not to go forward with his campaign, Marco would be the primary beneficiary of that decision,” former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told POLITICO after his official Rubio endorsement. “It’s not for me or anyone else to say when John should stay in or get out but … John’s decision to stay in or get out could have a marked impact on the race.”

Kasich has hoped to be the final option for party bosses if the other choices came down to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Trump. He thought this would happen after Bush dropped out – after spending more than $150 million – but instead the establishment is now circling the wagons around Rubio.

Even Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is speaking out:

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch on Monday threw his support behind Rubio, and he said it would be helpful to Rubio for Kasich to drop his bid. “It would be, but that’s up to John and John’s got every right to stay in the race,” Hatch said. “But sooner or later, it’s got to come down to Marco if people really look at it carefully.”

Republican fundraisers are noting that Kasich doesn’t have the type of serious organization that Rubio has. Running on a “shoestring budget,” the pro-Kasich Super PAC has gone dark in every Super Tuesday election state. The money is drying up.

And there is no doubt Kasich is on his way out, as Kasich is too close to the GOP establishment.

Things are looking hopeless for the Ohio governor.

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