Bobby Jindal Has Some Jail Time Advice For Hillary Clinton After FBI Found Top Secret Emails on Her Private Server

GOP Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal joked that Hillary Clinton’s emails might not be so secret, saying that the Chinese hackers allegedly responsible for OPM breach might’ve already seen them.


The Louisiana Governor had the jokes for Clinton while on a campaign stop to Iowa.

Jindal didn’t stop there. He continued to slam Clinton’s latest problems, asserting the following:

“Hillary Clinton is already under investigation by the FBI. Now she’s signed a sworn affidavit to a federal judge, under penalty of perjury, that she has handed over all of her government business emails,” Jindal said. “Which means that she’s one email away from prison time. She’d better pray the Chinese government doesn’t do a document dump. Maybe her friend Martha Stewart can stop giving her interior decorating advice and give her jailhouse survival tips instead. Orange really will be the new black,” Jindal added.




I wish that liberal voters would understand you can’t just strip off the classification markings and then claim it was “okay to send it this way because it wasn’t marked as classified.” They teach every single person involved in handling classified information that stripping that language is a clear and actionable violation of security classification regulations. Even the State Department (a notoriously loose-lipped bunch) isn’t THAT stupid.

For Hillary to claim this is entirely disingenuous and just another example of the well-known Clinton propensity for lying. Only, in this case, she may have done irreparable harm to America along the way. Rather than the oval office, she should be looking at “general population” in a Federal Penitentiary.

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