Bloomberg’s Campaign Manager Says Donald Trump is Winning

Kevin Sheekey, the campaign manager for former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, acknowledged that President Trump’s reelection chances look good right now, saying, “Right now, Donald Trump is winning. He is winning that election.”

‘Right now, Donald Trump is winning’

Making his remarks Monday on CNN’s “At This Hour with Kate Bolduan,” Fox News reported that  Sheekey said, “What we’re focusing on is defeating Trump. If you look at the polls, and people can’t focus on this [enough], the general election is in six states, that’s it. It’s in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. That’s the whole general election.”

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“Right now, Donald Trump is winning,” Sheekey insisted. “He is winning that election. It’s very tough for people who don’t live in New York or California to understand that, but that is what’s happening… Mike was doing everything he could from the sidelines and he finally decided it wasn’t enough to sit on the sidelines and he needed to do what he could to alter that dynamic.”

“Mike is getting in this race because he thinks that Donald Trump is an existential crisis, and he thinks he’s on a path to victory,” Sheekey continued. “He’s getting in to alter that dynamic. We’re going to run a campaign against the president. We’re going to run a campaign to make Mike the Democratic nominee. We’re going to try to bring those together.”

Bloomberg joined the field of Democratic candidates On Sunday when he filed coupled with releasing a one-minute video ad. He tweeted, “I’m running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. I believe my unique set of experiences in business, government, and philanthropy will enable me to win and lead.”

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Bloomberg News Will Not Do Any Investigative Reporting of 2020 Democrats

On the same day Mike Bloomberg officially kicked off his presidential run, Bloomberg News announced they would not be doing any investigative reporting on any of the Democratic presidential candidates.

“We will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and his foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries,” editor-in-chief John Micklethwait wrote in a note to staffers. “If other credible journalistic institutions publish investigative work on Mike or the other Democratic candidates, we will either publish those articles in full, or summarize them for our readers — and we will not hide them.”

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