Bloomberg Enters Nevada Democrat Debate With A Huge Target On His Back

By David Kamioner | February 18, 2020

Mike Bloomberg wanted in the race.

He’s got his wish. By the end of tomorrow night he may regret it.

Why? Because he has a target on his back so big that his opponents can’t miss it. Whether it’s his very un-PC lines on race and stop and frisk, his paycheck politics, or his playing possum until now tactics, we’ll get to see whether a politician and business mogul used to uncritical appraisal from political and corporate toadies can stand the heat in the debate kitchen without wildly lashing out.

I don’t think he can.

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Bloomberg’s entire demeanor says he almost doesn’t have time for the messy trappings of democracy. Like some boardroom fights, can’t this just be over in a shorter period than a year, his attitude seems to suggest. Can’t he just be anointed by his golfing buddies?

He’s lived a great part of his materially successful life surrounded by those who receive his paychecks. They have been accordingly deferential. That won’t be the feeling on the debate stage Wednesday night.

Everyone can call him a coward, albeit a smart coward, for ducking Iowa and New Hampshire. At least Sanders and Warren will hit him for self-funding his campaign (a political consultant’s dream, no pesky donors) and compare him to Trump that way. If he is ready for prime time he hits back with a recitation of their more unsavory donors and says they will owe people who contribute to their campaign. He, Bloomberg may say, owes nobody and can go into DC with a clean slate.

But the big hit will be on race and stop and frisk. Even yesterday past recordings were uncovered where Bloomberg calls into question the work ethic of Latins and blacks. This is on top of the other comments related to stop and frisk. There, he basically said most criminals were minority males between 18-25 and that it was okay to slam some up against a wall during the course of normal policing.

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When he was the GOP then Independent mayor of New York he could get away with that because New Yorkers say one thing and want another done on their streets to keep them safe from riff raff. However, that kind of sociological analysis won’t fly in the modern Democratic Party.

With the Dems you’re either ultra PC or out of the game.

We’ll see which one Bloomberg is Wednesday night in Nevada.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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