By David Kamioner | December 7, 2019

Think of these two questions asked the other day of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently got into the 2020 Democrat primary race for the presidency — and raise your hand if you think these were biased.

CBS News morning anchor Gayle King asked Bloomberg on Thursday in Aurora, Colorado, among other questions during an exclusive interview, “There would be more billionaires in the race than black people. Is that a problem to you?” and “Part of the conversation is, ‘Here we go, another old, white gentleman.’ Isn’t it time for a change? Isn’t it time for something new?”

The racial animosity inherent in those questions is, to this analyst, astounding.

Why? Well, switch the racial makeup of the interviewer and the subject, and — if a white anchor for a major news organization would have asked those questions of, let’s say, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) — the instant hue and cry from the rafters of every newsroom in America would have been deafening.

But if the interviewer can be defined as “a person of color” and the interviewee is deemed “old” and “white” — then any innuendo or racial dog whistle is acceptable, it seems, as long as it disparages the heritage of whomever is being interviewed.

The double standard here is amazing and is seen across the news and entertainment spectrum.

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While everyday Americans go about their daily business respectful of others but not obsessed with race, media organizations and those also part of the cultural and intellectual pseudo-elite in this country emphasize and focus on race to such an extent these days that the questions noted above can be asked — and most people do little more than shrug now.

Bloomberg can take partial blame for this particular instance of bias, as his recent actions have given the green light to some interviewers to treat him with less than respect.

The Democrat presidential aspirant has, since he has joined the primary contest, gone out of his way to apologize for his law enforcement record when he was mayor of New York City. Specifically, he profusely expressed political regret for the police practice of stop and frisk.

The procedure, which those on the far-Left say is biased against minorities, was very successful in apprehending criminals, cutting down on minor crimes, and lowering crime in general.

“Stop and frisk” began in the 1990s as a community policing procedure of then-Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani. It was credited with the large drop in crime during the mayoral administration of Giuliani — and it continued under Bloomberg.

Ever since current Mayor Bill de Blasio reversed it, crime in New York City against person and property has increased by a serious degree.

Without the ability to guard communities by identifying crime before it happens through policies like stop and frisk, ironically major upticks in crime are being felt in the minority communities that de Blasio claims to be saving from police oppression.

Bloomberg, however, threw away his former success in that regard to bow down to the powers of political correctness and hard leftism that now control the Democratic Party at the national level.

That doesn’t excuse the unprofessional bias by any news organization.

But it does once again prove a time-tested maxim: When you appease an aggressor, it only makes that person come back for more.

By the way, King, during the exclusive interview, also asked Bloomberg this: “Nobody’s saying, ‘Mayor Bloomberg, meh.’ They either say, ‘Oh, thank God he’s getting [into the 2020 race]. Thank God. Now I know who I’m gonna vote for.’ Or I hear, ‘What the hell is he thinking?’ Is this a big ego stroke? How do you respond to both of those?”

Bloomberg responded, “The second one. I have the same rights as anybody else. Does it take an ego? Yeah, I guess it takes an ego to think that you could do the job.”

He went on to insist that his “12 years of experience in City Hall” make him qualified for the White House.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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