BLM Leader Threatens ‘Bloodshed’ and Riots If NYC Cops Return To Tough Policing

New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams will not be sworn into office until January 1, 2022, but he has already been threatened by one group that he had better do things their way, or else.

On Wednesday, Adams and the head of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, Hawk Newsome, met in a closed door meeting to discuss policing under the new Adams administration.

According to Fox News and the Associated Press, Newsome and other BLM leaders threatened violence throughout the city if Adams planned on returning to the practice of the New York City Police Department being tough on crime.

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Not Backing Down

According to a report from Fox News, the meeting devolved into a shouting match. The incoming mayor is a former police captain.

Adams disregarded the threat from BLM and called it “toothless,” and said it would have no bearing on policy making in his administration. At a Thursday morning press conference, he said,

“That’s silly, and I think New Yorkers should not allow rhetoric like that — this city is not going to be a city of riots, it’s not going to be a city of burning. It’s going to be a city where we are going to be safe. There’s no surprise on what I said. When I ran to become the mayor of the city of New York, I said I was going to reinstitute an anti-gun unit in plainclothes. Voters voted on that. I stated what I was going to do. What I said on the campaign trail is what you’re going to see in City Hall, and I’m not backing away from that.”

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‘Betraying’ BLM?

Outside the Borough Hall after the meeting, Newsome accused Adams of “betraying” the Black Lives Matter movement, and not paying attention to the group’s demands.

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people. There is a reason why he called us last year seeking to explain why he would be the best candidate for Black New York. He knows that Black people and Brown people respect our work. He stood with Black Lives Matter when it was politically convenient, but now it serves him better to be pro-cop.”

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The Adams Agenda

In an uber-blue city like New York, Eric Adams could have been described as the most moderate of the Democrat candidates that ran in the mayoral primary, yet he describes himself as progressive.

He was quite clear on the campaign trail that he was not in favor of defunding the police, but was in favor of common sense reform. 

Adams says he also plans to offer a seat on a mayoral committee to someone from Black Lives Matter. But a seat at the table to actually discuss the issues at hand might not be a “demand” of BLM.


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