ABC Show Reaches New Low In Vicious Attack On President Reagan

Blackish Ronald Reagan

An episode of ABC’s “Blackish” that aired this week contained the usual kind of unjustified smear against Republicans you’d expect from a television show on one of the “Big Three” networks.

While the show commonly digs Republicans, they went a bit further than usual this time, reaching back three decades to attack Ronald Reagan. “Pops tried to escape the racism of the Deep South and fell into the racism of Deep South Central. Sam Yorty was mayor, Ronald Reagan was governor, and they ain’t never seen a black man they didn’t want to break in half. Pops’ generation was the last hired and first fired,” said the character Dre Johnson, played by Anthony Anderson.

As NewsBusters pointed out, “Mayor Yorty, by the way, was a Democrat up until 1980 and his staff in Los Angeles’ City Hall was fully integrated. That didn’t fit Dre’s narrative, though, so history is embellished.”

As for Reagan, are we really supposed to pretend that he didn’t have African Americans in mind during his administration? If he didn’t, that certainly isn’t apparent by his economic record.

Proportionally, the economic gains for black Americans during the Reagan administration were greater than those for whites. In 1982, the unemployment rate for blacks was 20.4%. By Reagan’s final year in office, that was nearly cut in half to 11.4%. The number of black-owned businesses increased from 308,000 to 424,000 during the same time. That’s a 38% increase, during a time when the total increase in U.S. businesses was 14%.

The only “evidence” of Reagan’s supposed racism I commonly see used by the left is Reagan popularizing the term “welfare queen,” a term which the media created in 1974 to describe those who abuse welfare. Does anyone seriously think for a second that Reagan was only concerned with welfare abuse when it was a black person abusing the system? I can’t think of anything more ridiculous.

Should ABC issue an apology for their vicious attack on President Reagan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

Source: NewsBusters

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