Black Caucus PAC Defames WH’s Kayleigh McEnany As ‘Racist’ In Baseless Petition For Her Resignation

Kayleigh McEnany

The Congressional Black Caucus PAC is circulating an online petition that calls for the resignation of Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany over supposed “racist statements” she made about former President Barack Obama.

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Declares White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany a ‘Racist’ But Never Explains Why

There’s just one problem. The petition does not explain what those statements are.

There are no pull quotes – or any quotes at all – citing what supposedly bigoted words the Trump spokeswoman uttered about the President’s predecessor.


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The petition appears more intended for fundraising purposes than actual action against McEnany, but some of the questions, featuring yes or no options, include:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center reported that white nationalist groups surged by nearly 50 percent in 2018. Does this concern you?”

“Many violent white nationalists WORSHIP Trump and cite him as a source of inspiration. Does this concern you?”

“AGREE/DISAGREE: Trump’s racist rhetoric is the reason for the surge of white nationalist groups.”

“Do you believe Donald Trump is a racist?”

“Do you think Democrats should take action to TAKE DOWN Trump and his entire racist administration?”

Obviously each question appears designed to paint the Trump administration as racist, with McEnany’s supposed bigotry as the lead question.

McEnany’s bonadfides are hard to question. Her communications and television experience began with an internship during the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign while she was still in high school, and later she interned for a gubernatorial campaign and also with a Florida congressman.

McEnany graduated from Georgetown University in 2010 and earned a law degree from Harvard University, before moving on to a media career in production at Fox News. She had been serving as the 2020 Trump campaign’s press secretary before moving into her current role as the White House’s chief spokesperson.

McEnany’s 8-Year-Old Tweet

The Political Insider reached out to the Congressional Black Caucus PAC via their website but received no response as of this writing. We have also contacted McEnany’s office for comment.

The closest thing we found to something McEnany has said about former President Obama that some have construed as racist is what appears to be a joke about the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya and not the United States.

This joke would have been made when McEnany, who is 32 years old today, was 24 years old.

That didn’t stop high profile Democrats from labeling the tweet as racist after McEnany became White House press secretary in early April.

Obama’s former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said of McEnany and her tweet on April 8, the day after she assumed her new office, “This is the racist who is now the press secretary for the President of the United States.”

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Progressive advocacy group Public Citizen declared that “Trump’s new press secretary is a disgraceful racist, in case you were curious.”

Ads are currently circulating online which openly defame the Press Secretary.

This is likely part of the Congressional Black Caucus PAC’s grounding for declaring that the current White House Press Secretary has made racist statements about Obama, but that is not something the group makes clear, nor is McEnany’s eight year-old tweet automatic proof the she was bigoted toward the former president or anyone else.

Not that anyone’s lack of actual lack of racism ever prevents liberals from recklessly tarring others as such.