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People Everywhere Are Noticing Something Different About the March for Life!

While the March for Life was a peaceful pro-life demonstration, liberals continue to show their violent ways during a high-contentious protest on the campus of UC-Berkeley. Once again this proves that liberals and conservatives demonstrate in completely different ways.

A massive crowd is in Washington, D.C. near the White House today. People came from across the country to join the annual March for Life.

And while the media has a long tradition on not reporting on the rally, President Donald Trump made sure to shine a media spotlight on it by mentioning it during his first television interview since entering the Oval Office.

The turn out is extraordinary.

Vice President Mike Pence made history by being the first Vice President (or President) to address the March for Life in Person:

People on Twitter noticed what ISN’T happening. Unlike the so-called “Women’s March,” there is no violence, vulgarity, or disgusting messes being left.

These are peaceful Christians and secular pro-life activists coming together to defend unborn babies, since they can’t speak for themselves.

The difference between the two rallies are striking:

What do you think about the peaceful way pro-life activists supported their cause in Washington, D.C.? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.