Bizarre Documentary Showcases Affluent White Women Paying To Be Called Racists

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Perhaps the strangest phenomenon that has gained serious traction in today’s society is the concept of white guilt. Far from just a talking point, the concept finds realization out in the real world, with white people, often women, publicly shaming themselves by admitting their “whiteness” and their culpability in white supremacy.

Case in point: white women with expendable income to waste can now pay people to come to their house, eat their food, and tell them how racist they are, and they can do it all on television.

I kid you not, readers; people are spending money on this, and others are making money off it. And some, like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, are filming it for TV.

Talk about living the dream; only in this time can you make money by telling people they are racist for just existing in the same space as you. I took the time last night to watch the show so that you don’t have to because, as you all know, I love you all that much.

This Party Sucks

The documentary Deconstructing Karen airs on the CBC Network, a 24-hour Canadian news channel. The show is based on a venture called Race2Dinner, founded by Regina Jackson and Saira Rao.

As a refresh, a ‘Karen’ used to be a term used to describe an obnoxious and nosey woman but has since evolved into a derogatory term mostly deployed against affluent white women. Or as the BBC notes:

“Karen” has, in recent years, become a widespread meme referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits behaviours that stem from privilege.

The CBC publicized Deconstructing Karen as the “wildest dinner party of their lives” for the eight white women in the show.

I’m a white woman, and nothing about this party seemed wild or like something anyone, regardless of race or gender, would want to go to. In this particular show, Ms. Rao mentions her racism as a Indian woman, stating:

“When I said I am racist; I am racist against black people. So it’s institutional. Indians are institutionally racist against black people.”

This is undoubtedly stated to signify dominance over the white women at the table because she openly admits and accepts her inherent institutional racism. The point of this exercise is to “dismantle” white supremacy, so let’s see how that goes.

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Shock = Racism

In the show, Ms. Rao tells a story about how a black Lyft driver had once said to her that if the police pull them over to put her hands in the air and remain calm because of the color of their skin. Now I would argue you should probably not do anything requiring the police to pull you over. But, if they do, no matter your racial makeup, you should remain calm and keep your hands visible. 

Anyway, one of the guests expressed shock at this, to which Ms. Rao quickly took the opportunity to flagellate the woman, stating:

“…stop acting shocked. Part of white feminism is acting so surprised when we tell you – “

To which the guest interrupted and rightly asked:

“Why are you telling us not to act the that way … To me, that is surprising.”

And here comes one of the best parts. Ms. Rao replies:

“Because that upholds white supremacy. When people of color trust you enough to tell you their story, believe us without expressing shock. Because when you express shock, it pushes you away from the blame.”

So much to ‘deconstruct’ in that bit there; again, I’m not sure I have enough of a word count to analyze how comprehensively ridiculous all of this is. Still, I’ll give it a good college try.

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A Winning Equation

Let me first touch on this concept of ‘white feminism.’ I’m a feminist. I believe in women’s rights to quality health care and equal pay for equal work, and I think women have the right to chart their own lifestyles.

I’m not a ‘white feminist,’ whatever that means. On the contrary, I feel like I’m the last true feminist running around anymore.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how expressing a feeling equates to racism. Expressing shock at a story doesn’t mean you don’t believe it; it means it shocks you because you live in an environment where whatever the activity happens to be that caused the shock is not prevalent. 

But I don’t think these kinds of hustlers buy the nonsense they sell; they knows these women are dumb enough to pay her to say it because she pushes a circular argument.

It’s a simple equation, really. Find something you do that is harmless, add the term white supremacy to the reaction because that term generally frightens people, and then equate it to your blame. Like this:

Harmless reaction + White Supremacy = You’re a racist

And this sort of math pays well.

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People Pay For This

It costs $2,500 to have these two women come to your house, eat your food, and call you and your friends racist. It’s like that restaurant chain known for being rude to you while you eat, only not as much fun.

The website explains:

“Participants also receive pre-dinner support and post-dinner consulting with our resident White Woman, Lisa Bond.”

Imagine if an organization called a black employee their ‘resident Black Woman’? It’s a mad, mad world out there now.

The goal of these dinners is to:

“Get whites to understand: as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy.”

So solely based on the color of my skin, no matter what I do or how I treat those who don’t look like me, I am upholding white supremacy. Gee, I feel like there is a word for labeling an entire group of people as something terrible based solely on the color of their skin…

What’s it called…rackism?…no that’s not it….rickist?…no gosh, it’s right on the tip of my tongue…Oh, I remember now…it’s racist.

Welcome To Crazy Town

These women are not social justice warriors or brave women fighting against the oppressor. As Ms. Rao states:

“The actual work is for you to deconstruct the things within you: whiteness.”

Ms. Bond, the resident White Woman, adds:

“This internal work is the hard work; it’s the work that never ends.”

This is just a hustle. Just as the DEI cult has been conning organizations and businesses into shelling out hundreds of thousands of money on work that ‘never ends,’ so do social justice warriors.

I can’t speak to whether the white women who participate in this monumentally stupid activity are racists. But I know they are suckers and probably need to pick up a hobby if they have the time and funds to waste on something like this.

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