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Billy Graham Sent A Dire Warning To EVERY Christian Church In America!

Billy Graham

The most famous evangelist in the world – Rev. Billy Graham – has a dire warning for American’s Christian churches: Persecution is on the way!

In the new issue of Decision magazine, Rev. Graham doesn’t hold back, and explains exactly what’s happening in Obama’s America:

As a whole, our nation does not know what privation is. We do not know what sacrifice is. We do not know what suffering is. Suppose persecution were to come to the church in America, as it has come in other countries.


Too many Christians today are entangled with the affairs of this world, caught in a net of material interest and diversion. Scripture, to many, is little more than a reference book for biblical facts. It is seldom opened and rarely relished as the spiritual staff of life that it is.

Then, Rev. Graham reminded us what’s really important in life:

If you are not strengthening the inner man or woman by daily walking with God now, when a crisis comes you will quake with fear and give in, having no strength to stand up for Christ.

Sadly, persecution is already here for many Christians. Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was thrown in prison by Obama for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Also, Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson was banned from appearing on his show in 2013 for discussing gay marriage from a Biblical worldview.

In addition, bakeries across America are being tested by homosexual activists to see if lawsuits can be brought after they refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings.

Rev. Graham concluded, “The wheels of God’s judgment can be heard by discerning souls across the length and breadth of nations. Things are happening fast! The need for a return to God has never been more urgent.”

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