A New Law about Cats is Coming. Do You Think it’s a Good Idea?

I used to have two cats, and I never had them declawed. However when things started to get bad, I had to take them to the shelter. Call me a meanie all you want, but I couldn’t see paying to get their claws cut, and I couldn’t afford to have them destroying furniture, where it would cost me in the long run.

So it’s easy for me to say the following: if you value your furniture or things in your house, don’t get a cat!

From NJ.com:

New Jersey is on its way to becoming the first state in the country to ban veterinarians from declawing cats.

A bill that cleared an Assembly committee on Monday would add onychetomy — the medical term for declawing — to the list of criminal animal cruelty offenses. There would be exceptions for medical purposes.

Veterinarians caught declawing a cat and people who seek them out would face a fine of up to $1,000 or six months in jail. Violators would also face a civil penalty of $500 to $2,000, according to the bill (A3899).

The procedure is typically done to prevent cats from shredding furniture or other household property, or because a cat has not learned how to play properly.

Many animal welfare organizations oppose the practice because they say it is painful procedure — akin to cutting off the top part of a finger. Some animals experience personality changes and discomfort using litter boxes, the bill’s supporters told the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Good, this practice needs to end everywhere! A vet told me that declawing to cats would be like breaking your knuckles to humans.I also can’t stand when people clip ears or cut tails off dogs. They are born with those things, and it should not be taken away. Declawing is the worst though, because it takes away a cat’s self-defense mechanism and it hurts them.

If you clip their nails and get an inexpensive scratching post, you’ll be fine. Be humane!

Besides, if you have small children, a fully-clawed cat could very well save their life!

How do you fee about the declawing law for cats? Do you think it’s a good idea? Share your voices below in the comment section and let us know how this could affect not only this state but many others.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne is a freelance writer who was named the 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger of the Year and awarded the 2014 Podcast Of the Year; Best in Show. He has over 160K followers on Twitter (@WayneDupreeShow) and over 300K followers on Facebook (@WayneDupreeShow). In 2016, he was named one of the Top 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans by Newsmax.

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  • I have to agree with Chondra. I've had several cats in my life, most of them were declawed after destroying furniture, drapes, or rugs. Their recovery times were very quick and none was ever affected with a personality change. They had happy lives and were very spoiled. All this law will do is discourage people from adopting cats or cause those who do adopt, to return them because of property damage. This country has has moved so far left we are beginning to put animals' rights above humans'. No one loves animals more than I, but animals are animals and people are people. I have the right to own a cat AND intact furniture. Maybe an alternative would be to ban cats from living inside homes. Coexistence requires compromise and since the cats aren't paying for new furniture, drapes, or rugs, they are the ones who need to compromise. Or, spend their lives outdoors. And there are many people who rail against that situation too. Can't have it both ways.

    My brother rescued a declawed abandoned cat that was psychologically damaged from the Criminal Mutilation and Psychological Trauma it went through from the Declawing -- It was never normal in it's behavior and growled at every one around or near it. The psychological damage is permanent from this kind of mutilation and criminal act to an animal. PEOPLE THAT DON'T WANT A CAT WITH CLAWS SHOULD NEVER HAVE A CAT !!!!!

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  • This is idiotic! Having a kittens (front) claws removed is no more painful then having a male kittens dangles removed or a female having her parts removed. Have it done at the same time as a kitten for Pete's sake, trust me, they recover quickly!

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