Bill Maher: School Mask Mandates ‘Creating A Generation’ Of ‘Germ-Paranoid’ Kids

On Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher ripped schools that force school kids to wear masks, saying the policy is “creating a generation of Howie Mandels, of little germ-paranoid munchkins.”

Maher made his remarks during a discussion in his “Overtime” segment of his “Real Time” program.

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Maher: ‘You’re creating a generation of Howie Mandels, of little germ-paranoid munchkins’

Maher chatted with Brooke Jenkins, a former assistant DA for San Fransisco, about the recent successful recall of far-left school board members.

Three members of the school board were removed by massive majorities for prioritizing left-wing issues like renaming schools named after American presidents, rather than re-opening schools.

Speaking of the issue, Jenkins slammed the recalled members for failing to prioritize “common sense and core values over radicalism.”

Maher asked Jenkins what she thought of masks, to which she replied, “Having a five year-old in school right now, I would like to see them go.”

Maher said to his guests regarding masking kids, “They don’t need them. Kids — I mean, kids are the least vulnerable.”

“And I mean, to make these little children into Howie Mandels is what you’re doing,” Maher joked about the reportedly germophobic celebrity.

“No, it’s true,” Maher continued. “You’re creating a generation of Howie Mandels, of little germ-paranoid munchkins. It’s just — it’s so [ridiculous].”

The HBO host said not only should kids not be wearing masks, but that children need to be allowed to be “gross.”

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Maher: ‘Kids are gross to begin with. You’ve got to let them be gross’

“Especially when they are young,” Maher said. “I mean, that’s the first thing they remember, and it’s going to get imprinted on them. And it’s just — I mean, kids are gross to begin with. You’ve got to let them be gross.”

Maher said that humans need to be able to build up immunity.

“And germs are not — they need also, to get germs in their body,” he continued. “Of course, there are ones you can’t get in you. … It’s how you get healthy, is you live in the world.”

“You can’t live in a world by getting rid of all germs or avoiding them,” Maher finished. “It’s insane.”

Watch the segment:

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