Hillary Clinton lost. She, her family, her party, and the media are having a hard time coming to grips with that reality. She failed to connect with the people and couldn’t escape her own self-inflicted injuries and scandals. She also relied on data and analytics that never told her the real story and only re-enforced what her operatives thought was true.

Democrats act like “no one” could have foreseen Hillary’s loss. How could they? All the polls and data pointed towards a landslide historic victory for Hillary Clinton. Everyone KNEW this would be the case.

Except for one man. He knew what was happening the whole time and tried to warn the campaign but he was marginalized and ignored.

That man was the former President Bill Clinton:

Via The New York Post and the Best-Seller on the meltdown of the Clinton campaign Shattered

He’d seen the trans-Atlantic phenomenon of populist rage at rallies across the country, and warned friends privately of his misgivings about its effect on Hillary’s chances. Now his focus turned back to the international movement he’d seen gathering. “It’s like Brexit,” he lamented. “I guess it’s real.”

He saw the tide turning. He knew that populism was rising against the establishment and the elites. Why Hillary thought she could out-ride or escape that moniker is anyone’s guess.

But Bill knew, and he was ignored repeatedly.

For Hillary Clinton’s chief strategists, the unique challenge of reconciling working-class and white rural frustrations with the Obama administration’s handling of the economy proved too difficult a riddle, and they chose in the end to focus their efforts elsewhere, much to Bill Clinton’s reported protestation.

A bunch of young campaign operatives thought they knew better than a man who won the popular vote twice and was uniquely able to target white working class AND minority votes:

“Bill Clinton’s viewpoint of fighting for the working-class white voters was often dismissed with a hand wave by senior members of the team as a personal vendetta to win back the voters who elected him, from a talented but aging politician who simply refused to accept the new Democratic map,”

Just astounding. I am so glad Hillary is not our President, and the debacle that was her campaign is reason enough. How could we expect this woman to run this country when she ran a campaign that was filled with nothing but sycophants and arrogant opportunists? Bill Clinton is scum and was a horrible President, but you can’t deny the man knew how to win. If Hillary wanted to win, she should have listened to him.

Was Bill Clinton right? Share your thoughts.