By Zachary Leeman | January 28, 2019

Fans of 1998’s “The Big Lebowski” have reason to rejoice: Jeff Bridges has reprised his role as the lovable slacker for a sort-of sequel to the cult classic movie from the Coen Brothers.

While it’s not a proper sequel or significant continuation of the story of Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, a new ad has been dropped online that includes Bridges donning his famous attire from the film.

The ad will be airing during the Super Bowl this Sunday. It’s an ad for Stella Artois beer, of all things.

As an added bonus, actress Sarah Jessica Parker also appears in the ad; she reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw from the famous HBO television series, which was followed by two movies.

In the ad, Bradshaw walks into a restaurant and is asked if she wants a cosmopolitan, a drink the character was known for enjoying on the television show. She says no and asks for a Stella Artois — much to the surprise of everyone in the restaurant.

The Dude then walks into the same restaurant and is asked if he wants a White Russian, the drink the character consumed almost exclusively in the 1998 feature.

Like Bradshaw, he says no and asks for a Stella Artois. The two are then seated at tables next to each other when Bridges lets out one of his most famous lines from “The Big Lebowski.” He says, “The Dude abides.”

Music from both “Sex and the City” and “The Big Lebowski” is played during the ad.

While it’s just an excuse to sell beer during arguably the biggest sporting event of the year — it’s always good to get a little bit of The Dude in our lives.

“The Big Lebowski” celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and was rereleased in theaters.

Fans of the film can be excited for more than just a beer commercial, as an actual sequel to the film is going to be released soon. The film — titled “Going Places” — is a spinoff that focuses on the character of Jesus Quintana.

Actor John Turturro is not only reprising his role for the new movie; he also wrote and directed it. It currently has no release date.

“The Big Lebowski” has grown in popularity since its initially disappointing release in 1998.

A fan event called Lebowski Fest began in 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky, that celebrates the film and the philosophies of the main character of The Dude; many people from all over the country attend.

The yearly event has since been held in cities like New York and Las Vegas. Various stars from the film have attended, including Jeff Bridges.

A documentary called “The Achievers” was released about the annual gathering. It’s also been covered in multiple books and on television.

Check out the new Stella Artois ad featuring The Dude below:

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