Biden’s Approval Rating Crumbles Amid Afghanistan Disaster – Midterms Looking Bright For GOP

Republicans are smelling blood in the water as Joe Biden’s approval ratings take a giant tumble in the wake of the Afghanistan disaster. The GOP is hoping the Democrats’ bad luck will help to recruit top level candidates for the 2022 midterms.

Biden’s presidency becomes a series of one crisis after another, from the immigration crisis to inflation and Afghanistan.

What hurts one party invariably helps the other. Republicans are strategizing that the combination may be a perfect storm too good to pass up for some candidates to jump into midterm races. 

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GOP Feeling Good About 2022 – Biden’s Approval Crumbles

The latest Presidential approval poll from USA Today is sure to give Joe heartburn. 

His approval has tanked to just 41% in the wake of the Afghanistan fiasco, while 55% disapprove. 

Traditionally, the party out of the White House wins seats in midterm elections. But it is not just history and/or conventional wisdom that is making the GOP think 2022 will be a good year.

Top Republican donor Dan Eberhart told The Hill, “For any Republican wavering on running for office in the midterms, I must say the water looks warm with inflation ablaze, COVID not vanquished and now this Afghanistan crisis.”

Now with the completely botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, a new poll that CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe made Biden aware of during a press briefing on Sunday shows that a majority of Americans think Joe Biden is no longer competent to be in office, the road to a 2022 victory looks a bit more do-able. 

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Names In Play

As the GOP looks for some “top-tier” candidates to pull the trigger and run for high profile offices, some names are beginning to emerge.

The pressure is on for New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) to run against Sen. Maggie Hassan (D), in Georgia, there is a push on for former Sen. David Purdue to jump back in and challenge Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA). In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey (R) is being encouraged to take on Sen. Mark Kelly (D).

One GOP official told The Hill, “I think if you are Chris Sununu, if … you’re Ducey, I think you are seeing this play out and you’re like, ‘Okay, this might be a good time to make the jump,’ because those are purple places that if you can get a couple of point swing, they should be able to walk in pretty nicely.”

GOP Chances In The House And Senate

Currently, Democrats have a razor thin seven-seat majority in the House. 

In the Senate, Republicans need only to gain one seat. A big-name candidate in the right state could be the difference. 

While Democrats have some incumbents that became household names last fall, they have also seen a series of retirements. The latest in the House being long-time moderate Democrat Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin. Though Kind has won his district for decades, it is a district Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020. 


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