Biden Unveils Plan To Combat ‘Domestic Terrorism’ And ‘Insider Threats’ In The Military

President Biden announced a new strategy to combat ‘domestic terrorism’ in the United States, which will include training for retired service members to avoid radicalization and seeks to root out “insider threats” in the military.

Biden’s move follows a review that labels two distinct threats to the nation – ‘white supremacists’ and ‘anti-government extremists.’

“Domestic terrorism – driven by hate, bigotry, and other forms of extremism— is a stain on the soul of America,” the President said in a statement Tuesday.

“Together we must affirm that domestic terrorism has no place in our society,” he continued. “We must work to root out the hatreds that can too often drive violence.”

The plan makes notable efforts to target the military and veterans.

A fact-sheet released by the White House indicates the Pentagon will provide training for people separating or retiring from the military – training designed to make it harder for them to be radicalized by “violent extremist actors.”

“The Department of Defense is incorporating training for servicemembers separating retirements in the military, who may potentially be targeted by those who seek to radicalize them,” an administration official said, according to the Daily Mail.

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Retired And Active Service Members

In addition to training retiring military members on how to avoid radicalization, the Biden White House provided details on how they plan to combat domestic terrorism within the active armed forces.

The fact sheet – the first-ever “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” – describes such efforts as an attempt to eliminate the possibility of “insider threats.”

“The U.S. Government is improving employee screening to enhance methods for identifying domestic terrorists who might pose insider threats,” the release reads.

“DOD, DOJ, and DHS are similarly pursuing efforts to ensure domestic terrorists are not employed within our military or law enforcement ranks and improve screening and vetting processes.”

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Biden Targeting The Military

The Biden strategy to combat domestic terrorism by focusing on ‘white supremacy’ and lumping them into the same category as our military men and women continues.

This past February, President Biden referenced “studies” that had begun which purportedly show “the impact of former military, former police officers, on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups.”

Just weeks prior to that, Democrat lawmakers reportedly sought to add language into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would keep ‘white supremacists’ from joining the military.

“Lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands to prevent white supremacists and other extremists from joining and remaining in the military,” The Hill reported.

National Guard troops, following the Capitol protest in January, were vetted for ‘extremist’ views despite there being “no intelligence indicating an insider threat” to the event.

The Biden domestic terrorism plan also seeks – perhaps chillingly – to control “misinformation” being shared on the internet and social media.

“The U.S. Government will also work to find ways to counter the polarization often fueled by disinformation, misinformation, and dangerous conspiracy theories online, supporting an information environment that fosters healthy democratic discourse.”

The War on Terror 2.0 is here.


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  • The only domestic terrorist we have is you obiden you are a disgrace to that office you have done Nothing for America except steal from the hard working taxpayers in this country and lie to us at every opportunity My God have mercy on your black soul cause we the people Don’t! Your own party is turning on you that’s just pathetic! Let’s Go Brandon

  • Has obiden looked in the mirror lately he IS the extremist in all my years we’ve never had a president who is so full of hate for America since day one in office he’s proven it just look at his leftist hate regime the constant lies he tells this is not an American he is an extremist and traitor out to destroy this great country his INFLATION the tanked economy sky high food and gas prices all of this obiden the hater of America if he could he’d sell us out to communist China he is pathetic! Let’s Go Brandon!

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