Biden Tells Campaign Crowd a Moving War Story, Washington Post Says He Made It Up

Despite giving his “word as a Biden,” Joe Biden told a campaign crowd of hundreds an incredibly moving war story that the Washington Post says is almost entirely fabricated.

The incredibly emotional story, one which the Post said left the entire room silent, was a war story involving a trip to Afghanistan in which the former vice president was set to award the heroic actions of a brave soldier.

The trip would be risky, Biden explained others had warned at the time, but that would be of no consequence.

“We can lose a vice president,” he said. “We can’t lose many more of these kids. Not a joke.”

He proceeded to tell a tale about a Navy captain who bravely secured the body of a fellow soldier in a ravine while under fire.

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“This is the God’s truth,” Biden insisted. “My word as a Biden.”

It wasn’t God’s or reality’s truth, according to the Post, who researched and discovered that Biden seems to have combined several stories in an effort to make one riveting effort. Even then he got the details wrong.

“Almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect,” they write.

The list of inaccuracies is vast: “In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony,” reports the Post.

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Biden’s campaign has been plagued by a series of gaffes, something he has been known for throughout his career, but seem amplified in recent days.

At another event, Uncle Joe appeared to forget Barack Obama’s name. You know, the guy he served under in the White House for eight years.


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Yet, Team Biden insists he’s more than capable of running the entire country despite the lapses of thought.

In fact, they’re so intent on convincing the American people that they dragged out his brain surgeon to assure everyone that the presidential candidate “has a brain that is functioning.”

“Look, Joe is not playing with a full deck,” the President said weeks ago. “This is not somebody you can have as your president – but if he got the nomination I’d be thrilled.”

At least we’d all hear some good stories on the campaign trail.

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