Biden Takes Shot At Hillary, Says Republicans Not the Enemy – But Remember When He Said THIS?


Vice-president Joe Biden is getting a lot of attention for rebuking Hillary Clinton’s debate claim that she’s most proud of the fact that Republicans are her enemies.

During Biden’s speech where he withdrew from presidential contention, he said “I don’t think we should look at Republicans as our enemies.”

The remarks have caused media outlets to praise Biden as some sort of bipartisan peacemaker.

During the 2012 campaign however, Biden wasn’t such a peacemaker, telling a predominantly black crowd in Virginia that the Republicans “wanted to put them all back in chains.”

Check out Biden’s comments below …

Now, what kind of person says their political opponent is going to put black people back in chains? Answer: a man who, much like Hillary and the rest of the Democrats, views Republicans as the enemy.

Even Charlie Rangel at the time denounced Biden’s analogy to slavery.

“You bet your ass he was” he was talking about slavery, Rangel claimed.  And “you bet your life it was stupid” to say.

It was stupid for Biden to make those comments in 2012, just as it was stupid for Hillary to make her comments recently. But deep down, it’s really how Democrats view Republicans.

Comment: In reality, don’t all Democrats view Republicans as the enemy?  Does it work in both directions though?

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