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Biden Claims ‘White Supremacists Are Very Enthusiastic About Trump’

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline” on Monday where he said that white supremacists were “very enthusiastic” about President Donald Trump.

While taking shots at current frontrunner Bernie Sanders for not disowning his supporters’ attacks, Biden said, “I know you’re seeing what has been online, the vicious, vicious threats, the misogynistic things they’ve said referring to the women who are leaders of the Culinary Union, and they received death threats. I mean, this is way, way—this is Trump-like. Way over the line. And I think Bernie has to disavow this.”

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‘White supremacists are very enthusiastic about Trump’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asked, “Do you think Bernie Sanders is acting Trump-like in his refusal to disavow people that maybe unsavory but that are very enthusiastic about him?”

Biden replied, “By the way, the white supremacists are very enthusiastic about Trump.”

This is beyond ridiculous.

While it is understood that in a presidential race the various opponents are in a heated competition with each other, this constant disparagement among Democrats that President Trump is favored or even in league with avowed racists is about as low as it gets.

The President has not only delivered an economy that features the lowest black unemployment rate in memory, but also the greatest criminal justice reform legislation in history, an issue that disproportionately affects African Americans. A substantial portion of Trump’s State of the Union address this month was directed at appealing to and helping black Americans.

How is any of this in any way “white supremacist?”

Biden is ‘Straight Up’ Lying About Trump and Racists

During a recent interview on The View, Biden said regarding debating Trump, “I can hardly wait.”

“People know me. They know who I am,” Biden said. “They know I’ve never been accused of doing anything indecent. I haven’t lied. I’ve been straight up.”

Oh really?

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It is “straight up” to keep putting President Trump in the same category as white supremacists? Is it not lying every time you do so?

Is it not indecent to do so?

If Joe Biden ever makes it to the general election debate stage – and at this juncture that’s a HUGE “if” – he might find a harsh reality if he tries to pull this in front of that vast audience.

Donald Trump does not suffer fools gladly, and “straight up” Joe might get his clock cleaned.