Biden Admin Ripped Apart for Whining About Illegal Aliens Being Bussed to Blue Cities

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre continues to amaze on the podium with her exercises in daily stupidity. This time she received a proper roasting for her recent remarks surrounding the bussing of illegal immigrants from the border to Democrat-run cities and states.

The face of the Biden administration blasted Republican politicians for sending illegal immigrants to other cities, explaining how “dangerous” the practice is for everyone involved. She went on to whine about how unfair it is to these different locations to deal with the crisis that the southern cities have had to deal with for the entirety of the Biden administration (and much, much longer.)

The fact that the White House communications team continues to stick to their guns of spouting falsities and stupidity from the podium is either a reflection of the administration, or perhaps the Americans who keep buying this bull. 

If I’ve Said It Once…

Karine Jean Pierre took to her perch this week and told reporters:

“I’ve said it many times from here repeatedly from this podium that bussing or flying migrants around the country without any coordination with the federal government – we’ve talked about this, state or local officials as well – is dangerous and unacceptable.”

She went on to explain:

“We will continue to be very, very clear about that. It is dangerous and unacceptable, because you’re putting people’s lives at risk.”

But wait, the cherry on top of this masterpiece in oration was when she landed this line:

“It’s dangerous and unacceptable because you’re actually putting a lot of pressure on these states and local areas.”

Oh boy, we wouldn’t want to burden those blue states and cities with the illegal immigrants they, not that long ago, were saying we should welcome with open arms. After all, it’s not their responsibility to deal with this issue and shoulder this immense weight.

That belongs to those pesky border towns; if only they’d do their jobs in silence and allow their cities to be destroyed thanks to Uncle Joe’s open border.

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Could You Repeat That?

Naturally, there was plenty of roasting on Twitter over Karine’s latest remarks on the dangers of bussing. Just as there was when she claimed about a month ago that illegal immigration had gone down 90% since President Biden had taken over.

But if it isn’t stupidity from the podium, it’s downright hypocrisy from the President that the American people are forced to endure. After illegal immigrants were bussed to Martha’s Vineyard, the President said:

“Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s unAmerican. It’s reckless.”

And yet the Biden administration has flown illegal immigrants to New York in the middle of the night or early morning hours. Let’s not forget New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who recently bussed hundreds of illegal immigrants to Orange and Rockland Counties.

It’s interesting to note that he bussed these immigrants from a sanctuary county into non-sanctuary counties with no notice or approval. It’s American and perfectly fine when Democrats bus and fly illegal immigrants that have become inconvenient to other locations, but it’s dangerous when Republicans do it.

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The Real Danger

Suppose it isn’t the blatant hypocrisy that’ll get your goat. In that case, it’s the reality of the situation on our southern border that will infuriate you. Karine Jean Pierre likes to talk about dangerous things, so let’s take a closer look.

Recently an eight-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy died in Border Patrol custody after making the treacherous journey across our southern border. Earlier this year, border city funeral home owner Hugo Gonzalez told the Wall Street Journal that:

“At one point, there were a lot of corpses and there was nowhere to put them. We just didn’t have enough refrigerators at the funeral home.”

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The border crisis reached an unsustainable boiling point that the Democrat Mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, finally had to declare a state of emergency. Too bad for you, Oscar; if you weren’t a border town Mayor, maybe the Biden administration would care about your problems. 

And because I’m a fan of numbers, chew on this statistic – in 2018, human smuggling across our southern border earned cartels about $500 million. This past year the annual revenue for human smuggling hit over $13 billion – that is a 3,000% revenue increase thanks to the Biden administration.

Two Americas

Karine Jean Pierre is merely the mouthpiece of this administration. As much as she lacks actual talent, we shouldn’t ignore that what she says from that podium day after day is strategized behind closed doors in the West Wing. The White House communications team is a prolific distributor of disinformation, and they continue to do it because enough Americans continue to believe it.

This illustrates the stark reality that this country has become two different Americas. When it comes to crime, there is the America that wants law and order – and the America that wants to defund the police. 

And when it comes to border security, you have the border cities that are expected to put up and shut up – and the rest of the country that is expected to hear no evil and see no evil. You want to speak of danger, recklessness, and pressure, Karine?

Speak to the border cities racked with crime, their cities covered in trash and drugs. The blunders from the White House are no longer funny; in most cases, like this one, they aren’t blunders at all.

To use their words, they are dangerous, unacceptable, and reckless. 

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Kathleen J. Anderson

USAF Retired, Bronze Star recipient, outspoken veteran advocate. Hot mess mom to two monsters and wife to equal parts Saint and Artist husband. Writer, lifelong conservative, lover of all things American History, and not-so-secret Ancient Aliens fanatic. Homeschool maven, Masters in Political Management, constitutionalist, and chock full of opinions.

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  • I thought Joe had been ordered by Obama and Soros to move the border 800 Miles North to accommodate all the Invaders ! LOL j/k

  • Her's is an admission of guilt that the Biden administrations intended to keep their funded invasion of the USA within certain boundaries they would prescribe. That their evil intentions were to spare their blue cities from more failure and impose failure on others to hide their own guilt and shame can not be understated given the proofs put forth here.
    What's more we should consider in this government of evil and malfeasance shared in proportion with all, That is the nature of diseased mentally incompetent types who live only for power greed and self idolatry.
    For how long have they accused the Bush Family for starting an oil war? But was it for greed or because they put oil on the market for consumption? I say Biden manipulated events in the Ukraine to keep Russian oil and gas off the market. Which is more evil to provide gas and oil so people may live better lives or to hate oil and what it has provided us so much they don't want anyone to have it?

    Yes I do believe evil has made these people insane. Proverbs "When evil men rule crime increases."

    • Yep first they cut the Production in the US, then placed sanctions on the Oil and Gas from Russia. It all being done to further Obama, Biden,and Soros investments in the manufacturing of Batteries. While the Citizens of the world Suffers, they and the Crime families are raking in the Dollars

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