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Beyonce Just Gave You the Best Reason Yet to Boycott Her! BREAKING NEWS


Beyonce has been controversial before. But now, she proved all of her critics are right.

It started with her shameful performance at Super Bowl 50 in February, as her dancers wore black berets to show support for the Black Panthers on their 50 year anniversary. Once the music video for that song – “Formation” – was released, it showed a young black man dancing in front of police officers in riot gear, near the words “Stop Shooting Us” in graffiti on a wall.

Beyonce, who requires extensive security at every concert, has gone out of her way to label all police officers as racists who enjoy shooting black people.

Last night at the VMAs, Beyonce kept the controversy going by singing her anti-police songs, which included shameful imagery. Then, she walked down the red carpet with the mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Oscar Grant. Outrageous!

While performing a medley of songs from her hit album, Lemonade, the pop megastar was surrounded by backup dancers dressed as angels.

However, as red lights flooded the stage, each of the ‘angels’ was shot down during the performance, which viewers said was a representation of police brutality.

‘The imagery of the Beyonce performance with the angels getting shot down…,’ one person tweeted.
‘Beyonce too deep. All the angels were shot, police brutality,’ another wrote.

It comes after the star walked the red carpet with her daughter Blue Ivy at the MTV VMAs in New York.

The singer, who is due to perform at the show on Sunday night, was joined in the spotlight by mothers of gun and other violence victims Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Oscar Grant.

via Daily Mail


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Beyonce is clearly exploiting the anti-police movement and Black Lives Matters to sell records and to keep attention on her. But her anti-police propaganda is dangerous. Fanning these flames of racism only puts more officers’ lives at risk.

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