Bette Midler Throws Deranged Tantrum, Claims President Trump’s ‘Overwhelming Jealousy Of Barack Obama Will Kill Us All’

Hollywood actress and singer Bette Midler seems to have nothing better to do these days than to launch deranged attack after deranged attack on President Donald Trump. She did this once again today, when she not only claimed that Trump is jealous of Barack Obama, but also that this supposed jealousy will “kill us all.”

Midler took to Twitter today to post a New York Times story that revealed the Trump administration has apparently decided not to reopen Obamacare’s marketplaces for a special enrollment period. It should be noted that the Affordable Care Act already offers a special enrollment for those who have lost their workplace health plans, and some states that run their own insurance markets already have reopened enrollment, according to Politico.

None of this mattered to Midler, however, as she only saw an opportunity to throw yet another anti-Trump temper tantrum. “There is no end to the cruelty and malignancy of @realdDonaldJTrump and his horrifying administration,” Midler tweeted. “His overwhelming jealousy of @BarackObama will kill us all.”

Of course, this is far from the first time Midler has launched this kind of attack on Trump, as she does so nearly every day. It is also not the first time that Midler has accused Trump of being “jealous” of Obama, even though she has no evidence to back this up. “#Trump’s uncontrollable jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to thousands of premature deaths from air pollution, wildfires, floods. What a small-minded, short-sighted little man,” she tweeted last summer.

In reality, Trump is not jealous of Obama at all.

Instead, he is following through with his campaign promises to repeal the aspects of Obama’s legacy that the majority of Americans were not happy with. As a wealthy member of the Hollywood elite, Midler has no idea what real working class Americans are thinking, which is why she remains so in the dark as to why Trump is so popular.

Trump became president to help us working Americans, not the spoiled liberals of Hollywood like Midler.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on April 2, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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