Singer Bette Midler did what any bleeding-heart liberal fearing another defeat in 2020 would this weekend – she called for a shutdown of President Trump’s twitter feed until after the election.

The request is two-fold: One, it would take away the main source of the President’s message necessary to combat the ‘fake news’ media and two – let’s face it – it’s a well-known liberal dream to squash free speech in this nation.

On Sunday, Midler hashtagged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, telling him he could “help” the “country and the planet” if he were to “kick Trump off Twitter.”

If that weren’t a realistic possibility, Midler suggested Dorsey simply have the President “[shut] down until the next election.”

Free Speech

Ah, squashing speech you disagree with. How progressive of you, Bette.


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This is extremely funny since liberals recently received a favorable ruling from a federal appeals court stating Trump is not allowed to block people on the social media platform.

Why did they make that ruling? Because the President’s account amounts to a “public forum” and is protected by free speech under the First Amendment.

Midler wants to shut down something that a federal court has ruled is free speech. Something the left has demanded they have access to. Which is it?

Can Anyone Beat Trump in 2020?

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Bette’s TDS

Bette, like many of her Hollywood and entertainment industry colleagues, has suffered from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) for some time now.

Earlier this year she suggested that the commander-in-chief’s supporters are illiterate.

In 2017, she fretted over Trump leading America into World War III, adding: “I will be SO PISSED if I live this long only to wind up NOT dying of natural causes!”

But don’t dare suggest she has symptoms of TDS. She has a perfectly reasonable and stable two-word response to that suggestion.

If we can’t call you a victim of TDS, Bette, perhaps we’ll just let the President describe your mental state instead.

Trump hammered Midler as a “washed up psycho” after she tweeted a fake quote attributed to him.

You missed it … because you have TDS.

“Washed up psycho Bette Midler was forced to apologize for a statement she attributed to me that turned out to be totally fabricated by her in order to make ‘your great president’ look really bad,” Trump chastised. “She got caught, just like the Fake News Media gets caught. A sick scammer!”

Perhaps Dorsey should look into shutting down Midler’s lies. Just until after the election.

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