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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Barbara says:

    So, who is going into the booth with him to make sure??????

  2. Vangie says:

    Cruz should of put on his Man Pants and Endorsed Trump. Cruz should of kept his word and Endorsed Trump. Cruz signed a Pledge to Endorse who was the Presidential Nominee. Cruz won’t vote for Hillary, but, on the other hand he will Probably vote for himself and write his own name down.

  3. Micah says:

    Ted Cruz betrayed millions of Texas voters, including myself, by hiding the fact that he is Canadian-born. For the “pure Constitutional conservative” that he has repeatedly claimed to be, it is unthinkable that he would even consider a run for the Presidency since he cannot argue that he is a constitutionally qualified natural-born citizen of the U.S. In fact, when his secret was outted, he rushed to renounce his Canadian citizenship. But when he did that, his citizenship status reverted to that of his father, who, at the time of Ted’s birth, was a CUBAN!!! My eyes were further opened when I learned that both Cruz and his wife, Heidi, are globalists (Heidi, having participated in the CFR plan for the North American Union, modeled after the EU, and Ted, having voted accordingly), as well as his display of deceit during the primaries, as he proceeded in what has become apparent to be his perfidious manner, to manipulate prospective Carson and Rubio voters into believing that their candidate was going to drop out of the race so the people would vote for Cruz instead. He is a low-life and a snake, and even many of the Texas delegation has finally turned against him. Trump magnanimously allowed Cruz to speak, even though he knew what Cruz would say, and in providing him that rope, Cruz fortuitously hung himself. The GOP has begun a search of someone to primary Cruz in the 2018 Senate race, and I pray that somebody comes forward. For me, that 2018 election will be “anybody but Cruz.”

  4. Simon says:

    The author totally misses the political impact — Trump, in a masterful move, allowed Cruz to hang himself as a two-faced deceptive politician who ratcheted on the pressure for Trump to pledge loyalty to the GOP and support whoever became the nominee — then when it was Trump who became the nominee, Cruz couldn’t bring himself to honor his own pledge.
    The political fallout is that Cruz now has zero influence on the electorate, and has effectively ruined his own political future.

    1. Ronald says:

      Yep, political suicide. He will need to change parties.

  5. Ray says:

    There is no such thing as and indirect endorsement. The battle is Hillary or Trump and Cruz is either for Trump and endorses him, or he is not for electing him the next President. Cruz’ selfish emphasis on his feelings is not more important than his duty to his country. He has in my opinion only superficial integrity and, even thought her was my first choice in the primaries, I am now glad that he lost.

  6. Paul says:

    Cruz should run as an Independent, that way Sanders would be in a better position to run as an independent and beat all of them. Other than that, who cares, we are doomed.

  7. Bob says:

    I listened to Cruz’s whole speech and did not hear him attack Trump. Please tell me what “attack” words he said or you should take that comment back. He just didn’t specifically endorse, but in my opinion (and many others) he indirectly endorsed Trump by saying vote for the candidate who will most support the Constitution, obviously not Hillary!

    1. Ray says:

      So Cruz can vote for another candidate and that only helps Hillary.

  8. Larry says:

    Throw away your shovel Ted, you going to hit sewage water soon and drown……………..

  9. Desert Fox says:

    Terd Cruz’s political career is over. He is hated in Washington by the Republicans and the Demoncrats. If you ever saw a traitor that’s what he is. I put him in the class as killary. I didn’t think much of him when he was running and I think a lot less of him now. So good bye to the ash whole.

    1. Ray says:

      Cruz has been compared to Benedict Arnold who, because his feelings were hurt, betrayed his country.

  10. Wisesooth says:

    Cruz is not eligible to be either President or Vice-President and he knows it. His personal vendetta against Trump clouds his judgement. IMHO, he might make an excellent President if he was natural born. However, he could become a candidate for the Supreme Court if Trump overlooks his negative behavior at the RNC convention. Sadly, I do not believe that Trump is the forgiving kind.

  11. Duane says:

    I believe Cruz outsmarted himself this time. He has a core group who like him even after he pulled his dirty tricks in the primaries and tried backroom tactics with delegates. However he broke his word to the RNC which has a lot more to it than simply pledging to support the nominee. The RNC also made available their voter data in return for the pledge. That data cost a lot of money to compile. The ex candidates who broke their word by not supporting the Republican nominee also received property and did not pay for it. To the average American that is like telling a mechanic that if you fix my car I’ll paint your kitchen. The mechanic fixes your car but you never paint his kitchen.

  12. Michael says:

    I believe all the Congressmen and Senators who don’t back their party’s
    choice should be voted out when their term is up they betrayed the peoples choice.

    1. Edward says:

      I am inclined to agree with you Michael, BUT, it would give the Dems a gigger chance to win the Houses.. We know see that we have many TURNCOATS in the Party, inclding” the entire BushClan, Kasich, Cruz, Fiorino, etc. If Candidate Trump loses(America loses), the blame can be blamed by those and other who could have made a public support of Mr Trump, in Best interest of this Country,
      because she will drive this country further down the drain

  13. HOFFHACK says:

    First of all, Trump did not put the stuff about Cruz’s father out there, people who had nothing to do with Trump did. All Trump did was ask the press why the press was not using the same magnifying glass covering Cruz that they were using covering him. As far as his wife goes, Trump put out an un-flattering picture of Heidi that was taken by someone else! Cruz also had in his mind that Trump was responsible for the Enquirer story about his well known affairs, that probably drove Heidi to having a breakdown.
    But what brought Cruz down is, in Wisconsin and Utah, all the Establishment so Called Republicans were so afraid of Trump that they started backing Cruz over Trump! And instead of saying, hey, I don’t want you guys behind me either, ”HE SOPPED IT UP WITH A BISCUIT!”
    And from that point on, Cruz crashed and burned. Hey folks, 1725 to 449 was the final tally, and Cruz, Rubio and Kasich’s (another cry baby sore loser) combined total was only 709! So Trump more than doubled the combined total of all 16 candidates combined! Trump had a method to his madness by letting Cruz speak. Trump was in a win win situation. If Cruz had lived up to his pledge, it would be good for Trump. If Cruz got up there and made a fool of himself like a spoiled brat the didn’t want to eat his broccoli, and got booed off the stage, he wins too, because I am sure that there were a lot of former supporters who did not like what he did. IF TRUMP WENT INTO A HISSY FIT EVERY TIME SOMEONE SHOWED AN UN-FLATTERING PICTURE OF HIM, HE WOULD BE IN A 24/7 HISSY FIT! CRUZ JUST PROVED THAT THE OTHER SENATORS ARE RIGHT WHEN THEY SAY THEY HATE HIS GUTS!

  14. Michael says:

    Cruz just committed political suicide after saying he would indorse Trump and became the typical politician with lies and a smug attitude and I use to like this guy what a traitor

  15. Van says:

    I liked both Trump and Cruz and supported and donated to both during the beginning of the primaries. They both took the pledge to support the eventual nominee. In the end only one lived up to the pledge that both taken and Cruz gave conservatives and Republicans the middle finger placing himself over and above the country first.

  16. Shirley says:

    Cruz is a sore loser, He attacked Trumps wife first even though he was warned “not to go there”, and then when Trump fought back, Cruz acts like he did nothing and is the victim. Bad judgement Cruz, you got what you asked for so suck it up, act like a big boy if you can and support the RNC candidate.

    1. remuda says:


      “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” (Don’t take on a job if you are unwilling
      to face its pressures–President Harry S. Truman). Cruz is not only out of the ‘kitchen’, he’s out-of-the-White House Dining Room (soon to be re-remodeled back to tradition).

      Can you imagine Cruz with Putin? Practice the Constitution, like Trump…don’t preach it and whine…and that goes for Levin and Beck…

      1. IMHO, Cruz will apologize to Trump once his pique subsides…even if only to salvage his political career.

        Trump’s attacks on Cruz’s wife and father were counter punches preceded by a Cruz PAC having attacked Melania for a 16 year old GQ modeling spread. Melania might have been fair game had she then involved herself by politically attacking Cruz, but she hadn’t. Had Cruz requested he PAC withdraw the ad, (he didn’t), none of the consequences leading up to Cruz’s convention gaffe would have ensued.

        Cruz entered the bullfight rink and got himself gored. After the wounds heal, Cruz will apologize and maybe get Scalia’s seat on the SCOTUS.

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