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Sgt. Bethany Anderson-Burrs Surprises Daughters at School After 7 Month Deployment

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Bethany Anderson-Burrs was gone for seven months. Can you imagine being away from your family for that long?

This past Monday was like Christmas for Eliana Burrs, a third grader at Meridian Ranch Elementary School. She had the surprise of her life when her mom, Bethany walked through the classroom doors. The jubilant daughter ran from the back of the room to her mom’s arms.

Bethany had returned a few weeks early from a seven-month deployment at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

I remember doing this a couple of times when I was in the military. I loved it because the look on my mom’s face was something I havecherished for years. I never had the experience that Eliana just had, but I can only imagine seeing my mother return from overseas after being gone for a long while.

Source: Fox10Phoenix

Eliana’s third grade class thought a famous artist was visiting, but instead Eliana’s mom — Master Sgt. Bethany Anderson-Burrs — surprised her kids at the Colorado Springs area school.

She wasn’t due home for about another month. The class thought a world-renowned artist was coming to visit.

Their father said it was hard to keep the secret from Eliana, Eve, and Kaleb.

“They ask a lot of questions, like their mom,” Robert Burrs described. “They’re very inquisitive.”

But he was up to the challenge.

They weren’t the only ones shocked.

“I got off the plane and my husband said, ‘Hey you’ve got somewhere to be,'” Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs said.

Watch the video below from Fox 10 Phoenix:

Now, that was a surprise worth seeing, don’t you agree? The nights this little girl lied in the bed thinking of her mom. No doubt she probably talked to her via online video, but nothing makes up the closeness and physical love you get when hugging mom.

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