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The BEST John Wayne Scene of All Time Is AMAZING – Liberals Will HATE This! (MUST WATCH)


Hollywood has always been infested with the mental disorder known as liberalism. Even during the height of the Cold War, Hollywood was used by ignorant liberals to spread socialist and communist propaganda which was helpful to the Soviet Union. That trend continues today, with Hollywood donating millions to far-left causes while they tweet from private jets about how the rest of America should cut down on energy consumption.

But there was a time when there were real men in Hollywood. And the biggest patriot of them all was John Wayne, the brilliant actor who starred in dozens of classic Westerns. He was rugged, conservative, and courageous. He wasn’t afraid to speak up in favor of America.

Conservatives will LOVE this classic clip of Wayne shutting down Claudette Colbert’s false notions of the proper role of government. Watch and listen (below) as Wayne explains in Without Reservations about who succeeded in America, and why liberty is always better than government control. This is an EPIC lecture that should be taught in school to our children:

Have you ever heard of some fellows who first came over to this country? You know what they found? They found a howling wilderness, with summers too hot and winters freezing, and they also found some unpleasant little characters who painted their faces. Do you think these pioneers filled out form number X6277 and sent in a report saying the Indians were a little unreasonable? Did they have insurance for their old age, for their crops, for their homes? They did not! They looked at the land, and the forest, and the rivers. They looked at their wives, their kids and their houses, and then they looked up at the sky and they said, “Thanks, God, we’ll take it from here.”

H/T: The Federalist Papers and YoungCons

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