This May Be the Best Campaign Ad You’ll See All Year

Darius Foster is scoring big points with his latest campaign ad that asks voters not to think of him as a Republican, a black man, or maybe even a politician. Instead, he urges them to think ‘outside the box’ by using his voice behind the faces of people of several different races.

Foster is running as a House candidate in Alabama’s 56th district.

By using numerous people that certainly do not resemble Foster in appearance, but who espouse his principles as a candidate, the ad manages to drive home the point that Foster is down to earth. He’s just one of us.

The ad also manages to launch a preemptive strike against stereotyping or using racial attacks against Foster by presenting him as a person that doesn’t fit neatly into a box.

From YouTube:

My campaign team thought it would be a fun idea to introduce myself to the district with an innovative commercial. We decided to record a video sharing facts about me while challenging stereotypes. In a nutshell, I am not monolithic. I am many things. I can’t be put in a box.

Here is the campaign ad which has gone viral…

The ad earned Foster a slot on Fox and Friends yesterday. During the interview with host Tucker Carlson, Foster made a statement that rings especially true after some grueling primary elections this past week.

“I’ve never had to defend Republican principles,” he said. “I’ve had to defend Republicans.”

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