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Bernie Goldberg Asks Liberals: Don’t Christian Lives Matter?


Journalist Bernie Goldberg joined the growing chorus of media pundits who have chastised the President for his non-response to a Christian genocide occurring at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.

Goldberg also hammered liberals in general, playing off the ‘Black Lives Matter’ mantra they’ve been using to spread racially charged falsehoods about police violence, and asked “Don’t Christian lives matter?”

Via Fox News Insider:

Bernie Goldberg tonight asked: Where’s the outrage over the deaths of Christians at the hands of Muslim fanatics?

Goldberg remarked that liberals have never been shy before about expressing outrage on all sorts of things – from Ferguson to the “phony war on women.”

“Where’s the outrage now?” Goldberg asked. “Where are their demonstrations now? Isn’t the killing of Christians by Muslim fanatics worthy of outrage? Don’t Christian lives matter?”

Goldberg criticized President Obama’s lack of outrage over the killings, saying if the leader of the free world can’t “show an ounce of outrage,” his allies won’t either.

Goldberg pointed out that he’s not even Christian himself, but is outraged at what he is seeing.

As should every American – nay – every civilized human being.

Watch Goldberg’s comments below…

What’s your take on these comments? Are liberals hypocrites when they only express outrage over killings that involve certain groups of people? Isn’t that by definition, racist?