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Benghazi Survivors Make Big Announcement About Trump


Benghazi is a big issue among conservatives, as it should be. The slaughter of and lying about the murder of 4 Americans proves even more that we can’t have Hillary back in power.

The survivors of that day know this, and they’re ready to make a call on who best can defeat Hillary

The survivors have already called out Hillary over the incident. They know that we have to stop Hillary at all costs! The Donald is the man to do it!

“They would be alive TODAY.”

That has to be heart-breaking for the families of those killed at Benghazi. Obama and Hillary continue to lie and obfuscate about what happened in order to protect their political careers.

The heroes also say that they gave their testimony to Congress about the stand down order, and nobody seemed to contradict their story, but it was completely denied in the official report.

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Can anyone stop Trump now?

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