Dr. Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary, spoke to an attentive crowd at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference on Friday.

Many of his words were profound and spoke to the man we all know Carson to be. Not only did he touch on his decision to enter politics which he called on God’s guidance, which “is where real courage comes from.” He told the audience, he is still not a politician and hopes “to God to never become one,” but he did point out the fact how leftists often denigrate him for his association with the Republican party. In the video below, Carson also compared the fight to end abortion to abolitionists fighting to end slavery.

So you know that’s going to get a lot of backlash, don’t you?

Carson: “In our society, for some people on the other side, the only thing worse than Satan is a black conservative. Blacks are supposed to think a certain way. If you do not think that way, you are an Uncle Tom. To me, know what that sounds like? Racism.”

Carson said that when he entered the 2016 presidential primary race, that decision woke him up to the fact that, “I knew I would be attacked. I will go from being a hero to the goat”


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Here are a few excerpts from his speech:

Carson: “I knew I would take a big cut in income. All of these things would happen. I started thinking, what if all the other people who preceded me helped make this into a great country had taken that attitude. Where we would be? Some of us does have to go out there and we have to just ask God, what would you have me do and for the wisdom to do it. Do not worry about the consequences. God will take care of the consequences.”

“What we have is a country where we do not guarantee people anything. We advocate for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people. When we have strayed from those things, that is when we have gotten in trouble.”

“What do wise people do? They learn from their mistakes,” he said of American history. “There are a lot of things we can learn from.”

“One of the things I learned from it — people who were slave owners thought that they owned the slaves. It was their property. They could do anything they wanted to them — beat them, rape them or their children. It was okay because they belonged to them.

But, there were others who said, ‘That is abominable. There is no way I can participate in that.’ Then there were those, the abolitionists, who said, ‘Not only can I not participate in it, but I also have to stand up for those who are being killed being enslaved.’ Okay…I used be pro-choice. I said, ‘I do not believe in abortion but we are not going to stop anybody else doing what they wanted to.’ Where we would be if the abolitionist felt that way? Those lives of the slaves were important. The lives of our little babies are important,”

The Democrats mascot animal shouldn’t be a Donkey, it should be a Pander Bear. Given all the incoherent debate about reparations for slavery. I was part of that party, once. I chose to leave in 2007 and I didn’t look back.

Democrats hate successful people. But even more, they hate people who refuse to fall into their own racist generalizations. Anyone looking at how leftists deal with Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice will know that they have a passionate hatred of blacks who escape the leftist plantation and choose to think for themselves rather than parrot the party line.