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Dr. Carson’s BRUTAL Response to to Colin Kaepernick Has More than 130,000 ‘Shares’ – MUST SEE!

Ben Carson

The quarterback of the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, caused an instant controversy when he refused to stand for the National Anthem before an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers. When asked to explain his shameful actions, he announced that America oppresses blacks, which is why he won’t salute our country.

This caught the attention of former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, the famous neurosurgeon, who fired back at Kaepernick for his unpatriotic actions. Carson is furious that an NFL player who earns millions of dollars could blast the country he has succeeded in as “racist.”

Carson told Fox News during a recent interview, “(Colin Kaepernick) disrespected out national anthem and our flag after so many people have sacrificed so that he could have the freedoms that he has today, so that he could make a very, very good living in this ‘racist’ land.”

Fox News turned Dr. Carson’s words into a Facebook meme, and it now has more than 219,000 likes and 133,000 shares.

This is incredible!

Ben Carson

If Kaepernick really thinks America is such a horrible country, why doesn’t he move to China or the Middle East? He’s paid millions of dollars to play a sports game, and earns more from one game than average Americans earn in a year. Only in America are such opportunities possible.

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