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Barbara Bush Declares She Has No Fear of Death in 2013

Barbara Bush was an incredible woman.

The First Lady and mother of another sitting U.S. president, Barbara played an outsized role in American life. And we were all the better for it.

Her death has hit many people hard, and the country mourns the loss of the matriarch of a great political family.

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But we shouldn’t despair. Not long before her death, Barbara Bush spoke about death and why she did not fear it. She even mentioned how close she thought she was getting to the end of her life. Here’s what Barbara Bush said back in a 2013 C-SPAN interview:

The Washington Post provides more details:

It was 2013 and Bush was 88 at the time of the interview, part of a C-Span series focusing on first ladies. She wore a pink blazer and her trademark faux pearls — and spoke with a mixture of grace and bluntness that her family and the American people had come to instantly recognize over the past four decades.

“I’m a huge believer in a loving God,” she said. “And I have no fear of death, which is a huge comfort because we’re getting darned close.

“And I don’t have a fear of death for my precious George or for myself because I know that there is a great God.”

How moving. Bush’s words are also chilling as we stand in the shadow of her death.

Bush’s message is all the more profound because of her mentioning her daughter Robin, whom she lost at a very young age. It just goes to show that she was anticipating her death for a very long time, and had made peace with it. Let us pray that she has finally found comfort in God in heaven.

What do you think of Barbara Bush’s message about God? Are you praying for the Bush family? Tell us your thoughts below!