President Barack Obama announced that he would be visiting Kenya later in July. One would assume that he would be visiting his family… But that is NOT the case.

In fact, according to a new report, his family wasn’t even informed of details of the trip.

The Daily Mail reports that 57-year old Malik Abon’go Obama, his half brother, is still waiting to be informed:

“From what I hear, he is coming now as the president of the United States,” said Obama’s half-brother Malik Abon’go Obama. “He should have at least informed us as his family.”

‘From what I hear, he is coming now as the president of the United States,’ said 57-year-old Malik Abon’go Obama during an interview at his home in Kogelo[.]

‘He should have at least informed us as his family.’

While his itinerary has been kept secret and the Kenyan presidency has denied that Obama will travel to Kogelo during his July 24 visit, 193 miles northwest of Nairobi, rumors have been sparked that he will make a trip there.

Malik Obama, who was the best man at Barack Obama’s wedding, is also disappointed:

‘I would like for us to just sit down and have a vanilla ice cream or a strawberry fruit cake, just to have a nice dinner, nice steak, Caesar salad, sit down and enjoy each other,’ Malik Obama said.

‘I really don’t know my nieces, Malia and Sasha and they don’t know my children either.’

And Obama’s 94-year old step-grandmother Sarah Obama (pictured below) said it has been made clear that Obama’s trip is to see the people of Kenya, instead of her.


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