Barack Obama Just Released 46 Drug Offenders Back into the Community

On Monday, Barack Obama began emptying prisons of 46 drug offenders probably under the new socialist slogan, “because it’s the right thing to do.” Heck with the law-abiding citizens needing safe streets and assurance of being able to sleep at night without the fear of one of Obama’s boys breaking in and doing harm.

“I believe, at its heart, America is a nation of second chances,” Obama said in a video posted to the White House’s Facebook page. “I believe these folks deserve their second chance.”


The vast majority of the offenders granted relief on Monday were convicted for crimes involving types of cocaine; 14 were sentenced to life. Obama said almost everyone granted the commutation would already have been released from prison had they been sentenced under today’s guidelines.

“Their punishments didn’t fit the crimes,” he said.

Well then, let’s break open the bubbly and encourage others to break the law. Shame on you Mr. President. If your kid was introduced to drugs by one of these guys, I wonder if they would still be worthy of pardon?


Anything that the man can do to further compromise the country, to further abet the rise of lawlessness in it, he will do, without fail.

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H/T: Fox News, Daily Caller

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