Watch: Barack Joins Michelle Obama Getting Down at Jay-Z and Beyoncé Concert

Barack and Michelle Obama dancing

His party may want him to step in and help save them from President Trump, but Barack Obama is too busy ‘ballin’ so hard’ and ‘living his best life.’

Obama was spotted busting a move with former First Lady Michelle Obama at a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert just outside of Washington on Saturday night.

Videos circulating on social media reveal the duo showing off their dance moves while Jay-Z’s 2011 hit “N***as in Paris” is being belted out on stage.

All we could think of while watching this was ‘How do you do fellow kids?’

Check it out …

Another video was posted on Instagram.

One fan wrote that the Obamas “are living their best life … while the rest of us are living in turmoil.”

Turmoil such as lower taxes, greater employment opportunities, safer streets here and abroad, and the adherence to law and order. That turmoil.

The song the former First Couple are dancing to – “N***as in Paris” – contains questionable lyrics interspersed with generous use of the n-word, which is super racist a majority of the time.

This gem of a song contains such lyrical gold as “I got that hot b**** in my home, You know how many hot b****es I own?”

Remember when Mitt Romney was a terrible human being, conducting a ‘war on women’ because he uttered the innocuous phrase “binders full of women?”

But whooping it up to songs about ‘owning hot b****es’ is totes cool in Obama land.

The latest public display comes on the heels of Michelle Obama showing up at a joint concert between Jay-Z and Beyoncé in Paris, France, two weeks ago, where fans took video of her dancing with Bey’s mother.

Not to mention some of the embarrassing post-presidency vacations they’ve embarked on since 2016, including a trip to Tuscany in which Michelle wore some eyebrow-raising clothes (Michelle Obama Vacations in Tuscany, Wears Revealing Top), as well as a stay on a luxurious yacht with Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey. (RELATED: Obama’s Hypocrisy On Income Inequality Revealed In This Photo).

As for this weekend’s party, CNN political analyst, April Ryan could hardly contain her glee at the Obama’s public display.

Her colleague Jake Tapper saw things a bit differently, noting the Democrat Party is currently a dumpster fire, supporters have been begging Barack to step in and get involved, and he apparently couldn’t give a rip.

Tapper is correct, Obama himself decimated the Democrat Party over his eight years in office due to his unpopular policies and platforms. Yet liberals at New York Magazine were still recently crying “Where is Barack Obama?” while President Trump was busy tearing apart his legacy one step at a time.

He hasn’t completely disappeared from the scene, however.

The former President has been holding private meetings with Democrat hopefuls – Bernie Sanders, Eric Holder, Elizabeth Warren, and his partner in crime, former Vice President Joe Biden to name a few – instructing them on how they can beat President Trump in 2020. (RELATED: Obama Holds Private Meeting With Democrat Hopefuls to Discuss How to Defeat Trump).

Let’s just hope he’s not offering them dancing lessons any time soon.

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