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Here is the Backstory Behind That Heroic Cat Who Saved 4-Year-Old Boy From Vicious Dog Attack. Watch!


We all watched in amazement this week at a viral video, showing a cat bravely rescuing a 4-year-old boy from a mean dog in Modesto, California. It has been viewed more than 7,000,000 times.

And while watching you probably wondered the details of the story? Now, you know!

The heroic cat’s name is Tara and with the courage of a lion he saved the day. Jeremy, the young boy, was riding his bike in a driveway before the attack. Thanks to the cat’s efforts, the boy only required 10 stitches, when the injuries would have likely been far worse

As Jeremy’s father explained:

“It was pretty amazing to see just a cat take on a dog and so selflessly just put herself out there and not worry about if she was going to get bit or injured herself.”

If you were wondering just why there was a camera rolling at the exact moment, it was because it was caught by the home security video.

Tara is now being sought after for endorsement deals (no joke!), with an upcoming photo spread planned for Cat Fancy magazine.

When you get home from work and greet your pet, remember to treat him or her well. After all, they might just be a superhero in disguise!