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Bachmann Reveals What Trump Did To Her During Breakfast in a Penthouse – SHOCK!

Michele Bachmann

Every day, it seems the liberal media is attacking Donald Trump about his relationships with women. It started with the “locker room” video, and now the media wants to prove Trump is an aggressive, Alpha, and crude guy.

But as conservative hero, former Rep. Michele Bachmann reminded us, Trump is far different than the liberal media says.

Radio host Rusty Humphries asked Bachmann if Trump ever “hit on her.” The response was extraordinary:

“No, he has not ever hit on me. As a matter of fact he invited me up to his penthouse to have breakfast up there with him. It was while I was running for President of the United States four years ago.”

Did Trump harass her? Bachmann said he absolutely did not:

“He was a perfect gentleman. His wife and his baby son were down on the floor below, and he showed me the artwork; he showed me where he stood when the twin towers came down, and he watched that from his apartment.”

Bachmann repeatedly noted, “[Trump] was just a perfect gentleman.”

Bachmann went onto call Trump “very funny,” “interesting,” “street-smart,” and “one of the quickest studies I’ve ever seen.” Bachmann added, “His mind goes about 1,000 miles an hour.”

Here is the audio from the interview with Bachmann:

From Bachmann’s interview, we see that Donald Trump is a gentleman in private. In addition, we see that Trump’s long history in business makes him a perfect antidote to business-as-usual in Washington, D.C.

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