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Awkward! Team Hillary FURIOUS After Video of Tim Kaine Supporting Trump Leaks…

tim kaine border wall

It wasn’t long ago that supporting border security and a serious immigration policy was popular in politics. But many politicians changed their mind as soon as Donald Trump entered the race.

Tim Kaine, during his outrageously poor performance in the VP debate against Mike Pence, tried to attack the Trump/Pence ticket and said, “[Donald Trump and Mike Pence] want to go house to house, school to school, business to business, and kick out 16 million people. And I cannot believe that Gov. Pence would sit here and defend his running mate’s claim that we should create a deportation force so that they’ll all be gone.”

But now, video has resurfaced that makes Tim Kaine sound just like Donald Trump, and he’s clearly endorsing Trump’s serious immigration proposals. Kaine makes it clear that it’s time to enforce America’s immigration laws:

“What I would do on the immigration, you know, comprehensive reform is this. I would require those who are here illegally to sort of raise their hand and come forward and say ‘we broke the law.’

By admitting that you’re breaking the law you’re going to have that as a criminal violation, as a legal violation and you’re going to have to pay a penalty and it’s going to be a significant penalty that you will pay over a period of time, whether it’s a fine or whether it’s an escalated tax rate, you’re going to have to pay that. We would take that money that was being paid by those who have come here unlawfully and we would use it to increase border security.”

And he wants to do more:

“I would take these fines paid by folks who are here and do even more border security to try to protect our borders.”

But Hillary’s new plan doesn’t involve fines, and is instead focused on the “pathway to citizenship”… the buzzword that means full “amnesty.”

It wasn’t long ago that Tim Kaine sounded a lot like Donald Trump:

How embarrassing! Hillary Clinton just watched her running mate lose the only VP debate of 2016, and now this video has resurfaced. She has to be panicked.

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