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This Awesome Meme Shuts DOWN 2nd Amendment Haters! Perfect!

second amendment meme

It seems like nothing will shut up the smug mouth of a gun-grabbing idiot who’s obsessed with taking Americans’ guns.

And if you’ve ever heard one say, “you don’t need 30 rounds to hunt with,” you’ve probably heard the same ignorant sentence a million times.

Well here’s the perfect slap down for that absurd argument – in a MEME!!

Check it out:

second amendment meme

LOL!! I love it!!

The best memes sum up a rational thought but in a clear and clever way. And what this meme explains is a very important aspect of the Second Amendment that so many gun grabbers don’t understand. While our right to bear arms definitely includes our right to hunt, the reason the founders thought it was essential to our freedoms was because it defends us from government violence, not deer!

Here’s a great video that blows up another myth of the anti-gun nuts:

What do you think? Will this help shut up the gun grabbing crazies? Let us know in the comments section below!!