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Howard Stern Totally SHUTS DOWN Anti-Gun Nut In Debate – Epic!

Howard Stern
Wow – radio talk show legend Howard Stern totally shut down every gun control argument that this guy throws at him – and the guy is his own radio producer!!

This is pretty awesome.

Listen below:


Now Howard doesn’t perfectly defend the Second Amendment, as he seems to push the idea that someday there might be an apocalypse and our rights don’t depend on the end times, BUT, he does a great job regardless.

And the fact that he defends the notion from his friend and longtime producer on the show makes it even more meaningful. Friends can disagree, right? In any case, it’s clear that Howard knows way more about guns in general, and that allows him to get the upper hand in the debate.

You’d think that people who hate guns would want to study up on them before debating the issue – but too many who actually look up the facts end up being pro-guns!!!

Thank God for Howard Stern – we need more people like him to combat this moron-in-chief:

Maybe they should debate!!

What do you think? Did Howard obliterate his producer in the gun debate? Let us know in the comments section below!!