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This Autistic Boy Was Scared Of Every Character At Disney World – Then Snow White Appeared


Autism is a frightening condition.

Not just because of what we don’t know about it, but because the disease affects people in so many different ways.

One family struggling with the condition decided to take their three children, one of which has non-verbal autism, to Disney World.

Jack (called Jack Jack) is two years old, he doesn’t speak and is very shy around strangers.

At Disney, Jack Jack hid from every character he interacted with.

But Then Snow White appeared. Watch what happened:

More via Inside Edition:

So when Coley, her husband and her three sons took their annual trip to Disney World last November, she knew that her youngest child might not be moved by the many characters floating around the park.

“He wasn’t interested at all. Then he met Snow White,” she laughed.

In a touching video Coley posted to YouTube, little Jack Jack can be seen cuddling up to the Disney princess, who was more than happy to show the boy affection.

“First he laid his head on her shoulder, smiling at her. All I could think was ‘oh my god! He’s not running away! He’s not scared!’ Definitely to see him sit with somebody for so long and just be that content was amazing,” Coley told IE.com.

“Those are things we never get to see him do with anybody but us. It gave me hope there watching that that he will have the ability to warm up to people someday.” she added, saying that he was formally diagnosed with autism two weeks after they returned from their trip.

What a heartwarming story. I am so glad that Jack Jack had a chance to enjoy himself at such a magical place.

Disney World is so great for families of all sorts. I’m glad this family able to have such a wonderful and unique experience.

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