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Reality Winner

President Trump has demanded that more be done to find and prosecute those who are leaking sensitive government information to the media. More than any administration in recent memory,  leakers […]

Kathy Griffin fired

Yesterday a photo leaked of “comedian” Kathy Griffin holding a bloodied and detached replica of President Trump’s head. The disgusting display of violence and hate towards our president set off […]

Kathy Griffin

The left is losing it over President Trump. Every day, Democrats and Hollywood celebs make outrageous comments about Trump that would get other Americans fired. But it is just another day […]

Mattis Pakistan

Retired General and current Secretary of Defense James Mattis is a legend. He is well-known for his study of war and his quotes about making sure the military is at […]

Mississippi Shooting

There has been a shooting that has left at least 8 dead, including a sheriff’s deputy. A suspect is in custody but the motive is unclear. BREAKING: Police say eight […]

Greg Allman

Gregg Allman, legend and founder of the rock band Allman Brothers has passed away at age 69. Allman, along with his brother Duane, founded the roots and southern rock band […]

Jim Bunning

Jim Bunning, the former two-term United States Senator, and Hall of Fame pitcher for the Tigers and Phillies has passed away at age 85. His baseball career spanned 16 years. After […]


Another day, another Obama-era spying scandal. This one again involves the FBI and the NSA acquiring and using information that was obtained via less-than-legal means. The ordeal raises the question […]

Paris Accord

Following a whirlwind trip around the world to the Middle East and Europe, President Trump has a lot to chew on. From ISIS to the future of NATO and climate change. […]

Kim Dotcom Seth Rich

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom teased a major announcement about murdered DNC staffer and possible WikiLeaks source, Seth Rich. Dotcom had earlier hinted that he had contact with Rich and that […]

Grande Concert

There are reports of an explosion and confirmed fatalities at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Police were initially treating it as an accident but are now leaning towards […]

Kim Dotcom seth rich

Tech mogul and transparency activist Kim Dotcom has made a big announcement about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. Rumors and mystery have surrounded Rich’s unsolved death, which took place in […]