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24 hour news

America is more divided than ever. With protests and riots going on across the nation, we are a nation constantly at each other’s throats. Perhaps not since the 1960s or […]

Late on Friday, Reince Priebus was let go as White House Chief of Staff. President Trump made the official announcement on Twitter. Replacing Priebus will be current Homeland Secretary and […]

Bill Cosby Mistrial

Cultural icon Bill Cosby has been on trial for sexual assault over the last two weeks. The trial is the first to come out of revelations that alleged Cosby drugged […]

Trump Obstruction of Justice

Even though President Trump felt “vindicated” after the testimony of ex-FBI Director James Comey, he may not be out of the woods of this Russian investigation quite yet. Special Counsel […]

jeff sessions russia

The hunt to determine what the Russians did or didn’t do regarding the 2016 Presidential election moves forward. Former FBI director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence […]

Amsterdam Attack

We are getting reports out of Amsterdam, Netherlands of a possible London/Nice/Berlin-style drive-through attack. A car took to the sidewalk near a major train station and ran into a large group […]

Tragedy has struck the family of Vice President Mike Pence. One of the beloved animals owned by Vice President Mike Pence and his family has passed away. Oreo, a black […]

Adam West, the star and voice of the titular character of the classic Batman TV series has passed away at age 88 after a short battle with leukemia. Adam West, […]

north korean missile test

Earlier today, the new South Korean government announced that they would be significantly curtailing the use of the United States’ THAAD Anti-missile system, due to “environmental impact” concerns. “We are not […]

Jeff Sessions Resigned

We have more anonymous sourced leaks coming straight from the White House. We can’t go a day without thinly-sourced negative news seeps out of the Trump Administration and into the […]

Comey Hearing

This Thursday, all eyes will be on the James Comey hearing taking place in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The fired FBI Director will testify as part of the […]

Trump FAA

President Trump’s war on the Administrative State continues.  He is peeling back thousands of bad regulations put in place by President Obama. Not only that, he is making it much […]