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Today, we have a total delegate count which shows Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) within striking distance of conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. That’s because the Super Tuesday’s final delegate counts […]

Melania Trump

Melania Trump is married to the the likely nominee of the Republican presidential primary. A talented model and jewelry designer who speaks many languages, she immigrated legally to America and […]

The liberal media loves to paint conservative businessman Donald Trump as a brash, angry businessman. He has been called a mean bigot, vulgar, and not politically correct. But the American […]

Chick-fil-A has been under fire by liberals for their stance on┬átraditional Christian family values. But they are refusing to back down! Look what the store famous for its chicken sandwiches […]

Dr. Ben Carson, a conservative neurosurgeon who briefly lead in some early Republican presidential primary polls, has made an announcement that was expected long ago: His campaign is over. Carson […]

Super Tuesday

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), after Super Tuesday, is clearly the only candidate who stands a chance against conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. After two critical wins in the Republican presidential […]

Conservative businessman Donald J. Trump had many big victories tonight, and his road to winning enough delegates looks certain. But you didn’t think the Republican party bosses and special interests […]

As the Super Tuesday results rapidly roll in, it’s clear that Ohio Governor John Kasich is a major spoiler for the Republican political establishment. Right now, in the state of […]

Bill Clinton

On Super Tuesday Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin had to remind Hillary Clinton and her corrupt campaign about state election laws. Why? Because her husband – Former President Bill […]

A bombshell report is out today – Super Tuesday – about a man voting in the Republican primary in the State of Virginia. In Richmond, the state capital, a voter […]

atlanta airport

It’s clear that Donald J. Trump is almost certainly the GOP nominee in 2016. And while Hillary Clinton is busy avoiding jail time, the Democrat Party’s “duper delegate” system has […]

Republican voters in 12 key states are lining up at the polls to pick their candidate for the 2016 Presidential election. And while Donald J. Trump is the clear front […]