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El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.



We keep hearing terrible horror stories coming out of the war-torn areas of the Middle East, and a constant cacophony of voices demanding that we “do something.” But a lot […]

As we reported earlier, a newly revealed email shows how Hillary tried to bribe the FBI to change their documents to help her campaign. This explosive and criminal accusation should […]

toy guns chicago

In a remarkable show of just how bad the anti-gun lobby has gotten in America, Amazon.com has announced that they are no longer shipping toy guns to Chicago! I didn’t […]

kaepernick bills

All eyes were on Buffalo, New York this Sunday as Colin Kaepernick took a knee at the national anthem and opened up his first NFL start as quarterback since his […]

James OKeefe

In yet another explosive video from Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, Hillary organizers are shown secretly plotting disturbances at Trump rallies in order to accuse him of inspiring violence. In the video, Hillary […]

Democrats just love to accuse conservatives and Republicans of “sexism” just because we don’t believe that every man is a rapist or we understand simple math that destroys the supposed […]

clinton cartoon

The Clinton campaign is on an all-out assault on the Republican nominee Donald Trump, and they won’t stop at anything, even when it lights up their own hypocrisy and dark, […]

Bill Clinton new york times

More and more revelations from the WikiLeaks document dump show how the media helps out the left and leaves the right in the cold. The hackers got a hold of […]

hillary dead broke

The Clintons sure have pulled a fast one on the American public for years, but one of the dumber lies they told is coming back to haunt them now that […]

Lou Dobbs

An online furor is demanding the head of Fox News’s host Lou Dobbs after he tried to help the Trump campaign by tweeting something on his account to his nearly […]

hillary emails

The WikiLeaks revelations are finally having some effect on the Clinton campaign as they reveal what contempt they have for minorities, and in this case, Latinos. The email got Erika […]

bill clinton rape

While the media is slamming Donald Trump about multiple allegations from women of sexual harassment, they’re completely ignoring the threat hacker group Anonymous made earlier this week about Bill Clinton. In […]