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is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker, FoxNews.com, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession, and was nominated for Best Investigative Post of 2014.

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Hillary Clinton Brett Kavanaugh

Hillary Clinton recently implied that the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would bring America back to the days of slavery. When you ratchet up the outrage to […]

campaign sign GPS tracker

Pure genius. Congressman Tom Reed, a Republican representative seeking re-election in New York’s 23rd District, grew a little weary of having his campaign signs stolen. The signs feature the phrase […]

Maxine Waters 2020

Now it’s shaping up to be a full-fledged, low IQ political party. CNN political commentator John Phillips believes there’s a chance that the Democrat nominee for President in 2020 could be […]

Democrats abolish ICE bill

Three Democrat lawmakers who introduced legislation to ‘abolish ICE’ had their bluff called when House GOP leaders agreed to bring the bill to the floor. The legislation dubbed the ‘Establishing a Humane Immigration […]

Trey Gowdy Peter Strzok

Nowhere was the partisan and obstructionist nature of the Democrat Party more obviously displayed than at this morning’s congressional hearing with Peter Strzok. While Republicans were seeking and demanding answers […]

lisa page testimony

Anti-Trump FBI Lawyer Lisa Page raised the ire of Congressional Republicans when she defied a subpoena to appear for a deposition on Wednesday but has since backed down after being threatened […]

Brett Kavanaugh helps homeless

Considering the whirlwind of activity in his life over the last few days, nobody would be surprised if Judge Brett Kavanaugh had to cancel some prior commitments and instead focus on […]

Stormy Daniels arrested

Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims to have had an affair with President Trump, was arrested while performing at an Ohio strip club Thursday morning. Nobody is stunned by […]

body found at Anthony Weiner apartment

When neighbors in the vicinity of an apartment building where Anthony Weiner previously lived saw heavy police activity, they assumed it had something to do with the disgraced former Congressman. […]

NFL players sue over national anthem

Kneeling football players have been a problem for the NFL in the ratings and financial departments, but that isn’t stopping players making millions from fighting for the supposed ‘right’ to […]

New York Times predicted Trump presidency

A column appearing in the New York Times in 1984 has resurfaced, in which it discusses real estate mogul Donald Trump’s uncanny ability to engage in successful negotiations, and even openly […]

Bill de blasio crosses border illegally

Perhaps he’s just so used to defending illegal activity that he doesn’t even know when he breaks the laws himself. Either way, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and […]