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Jack Hadfield is a conservative and free-speech advocate from the UK. He considers himself to be a professional mischief maker, and loves nothing more than annoying the pearl-clutching left. His work has previously appeared in Breitbart and Politicalite. You can follow him on Facebook @JackHadfield1996 or on Twitter @JackHadders. Tips can be sent to [email protected]

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Pelosi Democrats

The Democrats are currently exploiting the coronavirus crisis to push through a number of changes to elections, including voting by mail. Pelosi: “Vote-By-Mail is Essential” In a tweet, Democrat House […]

Chinese Media Coronavirus

Chinese state-controlled media have been publishing undisclosed political ads on Facebook, attempting to pin the blame for the coronavirus on President Donald Trump. Chinese Media Pushes Propaganda on Facebook A […]

NRA Cuomo

The NRA has sued New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over the state’s refusal to classify gun stores as essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. NRA: “Pointless and Arbitrary Attack” on […]

Hispanic Caucus

In a call with reporters, the Hispanic Caucus has demanded the immediate release of all ICE detainees, over fears they could be exposed to the coronavirus. Hispanic Caucus: “ICE Must […]


Gun sales have rocketed to record-breaking numbers during the coronavirus pandemic, with handgun sales up 91% and rifle sales up 73% in March. Coronavirus Panic Causes Huge Gun Sale Spike […]


Democrats have created a new House committee designed to scrutinize and review the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Committee Will “Examine All Aspects of the Federal Response” to […]

New Jersey’s Democrat Governor, Phil Murphy, was forced to roll back restrictions on gun purchases after the DHS deemed gun shops “essential” businesses. Murphy: “I Respect the Second Amendment” Gun […]

Writing for Fox News, Senator Josh Hawley argued that China’s government must be held to account for its role in accelerating the coronavirus outbreak. Hawley: China “Stole Precious Weeks from […]

Nadler Bass

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are demanding that the Department of Justice release “as many prisoners as possible” during the coronavirus outbreak. Democrats Want to Release Prisoners “Regardless of […]

Chris Cuomo Coronavirus

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has tested positive for coronavirus, but will continue to present his show from his basement, quarantined away from his family. Chris Cuomo: “I Just Hope I Didn’t […]

Speaking to Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich argued that the Chinese government is almost completely to blame for the coronavirus pandemic. Gingrich: “We’re in a Situation Exactly Like World War II” […]

NYT Abortion

The New York Times Editorial board are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to demand even more access to abortions. “A Transparent Attempt to Put Abortion Out of Reach” […]