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george stephanopoulos

During an ABC News broadcast on Friday, anchor George Stephanopoulos made a throat-slitting hand movement to cut away from Trump attorney Jay Sekulow during the news outlet’s live coverage of […]

Adam Schiff

When the never-ending impeachment trial of Donald Trump adjourned on Thursday, Congressman Adam Schiff explained why the President – who is accused of no crime – has to be removed […]

ted cruz

This week, Senator Ted Cruz said Democrats made a “very serious strategic error” in making their case for removing President Donald Trump from office. And, that flub meant that testimony […]

Elizabeth Warren college education

A self-described father of a college graduate was caught on video asking Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren about her “plan to cancel student loan debt.” He wanted to know if […]

Joe Biden

On Wednesday, 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden became miffed at a reporter who asked about his ongoing feud with Bernie Sanders. While Biden was trying to leave a campaign stop […]

pro-trump boss

According to an Orange County sheriff’s arrest affidavit, a man who reportedly subscribed to anti-government politics is accused of fatally stabbing his boss. Triggered By A Political Argument Twenty-eight-year-old construction […]

Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump

As the Senate impeachment trial began on Tuesday, its target, President Donald Trump was in Davos, Switzerland, where he delivered what conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh called “one of […]

HIllary Clinton

On Wednesday, President Trump blasted Hillary Clinton after the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said that “nobody likes” Senator Bernie Sanders. Trump responded by saying she’s unlikable. Trump Shares His Thoughts On […]

taylor swift

Pop singer Taylor Swift says that her upcoming song “Only the Young” was a response to her disappointment that Republicans took important seats in her home state of Tennessee in […]

Elizabeth Warren

The son-in-law of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has troubling ties to Iran’s government, according to a new book. “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer analyzes liberal leaders’ little-known […]

Second Amendment rights

There are many videos coming out of a rally in Virginia on Monday where thousands of law-abiding Americans stood up for their Second Amendment rights. These videos are destroying the […]


According to a new poll, President Donald Trump’s support among American farmers has shot up significantly recently. Farmers Support Trump In the latest Farm Journal Pulse Poll, 1,286 farmers were […]